Aiden James Gives Us His “Best Shot”

Aiden’s face may carry some scruff, but his music is smooth and fresh.

Indie singer-songwriter Aiden James first came to our attention with his emotional video for “On the Run” which showed us the history of a relationship through the home it happened in. We followed him on Twitter, on his tours, and it was almost a year ago when he gave us a sneak peek of his new album. Now the first single is ready, and we caught up with the out singer-songwriter to hear what he has in store for us.

AE: It’s been almost a year since you first showed us “Best Shot” and it’s now ready for a single?
: Yeah, Actually it was funny, I realized today as I was looking around and I happened to come across the video I did for the song on Sirius Satellite Radio when I was fundraising for it and that was December 20th, and it’s almost been a year. It will actually come out less than a year, so I feel I have succeeded in having the album take less than a year.

AE: Now I know the single “Best Shot” is coming out on iTunes December 12th, but is that the whole album, or just going to be the single?
: Just the single on the 12th.

AE: So when can we expect the full album?
The full album, the twelve tracks will be released on iTunes worldwide on January 2nd.

AE: So you’re starting out the new year right!

AE: Are you going on tour to support the new album? It seems like you’ve been on the road a lot lately between D.C. and New York.
I will continue to tour. I think that’s the best way to get your music out there and interact with fans on the road. I love to tour, I love to play live shows. I think that’s a really big part of being a singer-songwriter-musician is to hit the road and do those live shows and meet a lot of people.

Furry marketing for the first single

AE:  So how has the sound evolved for you, because I was listening to the track you sent me, and then I was watching the video from the SiriusXM performance. It’s really not quite the same song. It’s modernized, I guess.
Yeah. So what I’m sure what everyone is used to hearing from my previous records, like for instance my last record, “On the Run” was much more in the Americana/folk vibe, definitely more stripped down, I guess more organic sounding. Definitely in the singer/songwriter tone. But this new record is definitely going to be more electronic. I pulled in a lot of synths and different sounds. I engineered and produced this entire record myself and I had this specific idea of what I wanted it to sound like and I definitely am I really big fan of electronic music and music with motion. But also maintaining the singer-songwriter integrity and things you expect, to have music with content. And I feel that hopefully I accomplished that.

What you’re hearing is a lot of new production style for me. Experimenting with different sounds and layering my vocal. On “Best Shot,” the single that’s going to be out on Monday there are at least eight layers of my vocals that I sang. There are no vocoders or anything like that on my record. It’s all me – I sang every harmony and I had a friend who sang with me on a couple tracks with me. But it’s all my vocals layered, I sang everything, nothing was put through any kind of machines or anything.

I’m really proud of it.

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