Alaska’s 5 Best Moments on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”


Alaska Thvnderfvck‘s ascent on season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race has been subtle and damn hilarious. She began by almost botching the aquarium modeling challenge, and since then she’s soared through mini-challenges and runway presentations with killer drollness and an ever-cheeky exclamation of “Hieeeeeee!” I’m perfectly fine with the prospect of Alaska winning season five, especially since it means she and beau Sharon Needles can reign over the show like a spooky-ass Albert and Victoria.

Since last night’s episode of Drag Race was just a recap episode, let’s revisit Alaska’s five greatest moments in the competition, ranked fifth to first.

5. The unladylike Lady Bunny portrayal on “Snatch Game” 


“Snatch Game” was a sizable triumph for Alaska, even though her portrayal of Lady Bunny wasn’t vocally on the money. The important thing was that Alaska delivered every line with hilarious urgency and gigantic blinks of those mascara-slathered eyes. You didn’t have to be Taylor Swift (played here by Jade Jolie) to be scandalized by Alaska’s retort, “Well, Julie, I just wrote ‘anus.'”

4. Pitch-perfect puppetry


In one magnificent mini challenge, Alaska was assigned the task of mocking Roxxxy with the help of a sock puppet. Not only was she hysterical, but the puppet-aided spectacle was one of the first times on the show we’d ever seen Roxxxy successfully torn to shreds. God, we needed that. Puppet Roxxxy wore a wig under her wig, and a tear-away cape under a tear-away cape. I particularly adored Alaska’s frenetic imitation of the way Roxxxy calls out, “Where my people at?”

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