2013 Hot 100!


Prepare yourselves for the 100 hottest men on Earth!

This year in our seventh annual Hot 100 reader poll, an astounding number of votes were cast (more than ever before) for over 2500 different beautiful men. We tallied the results and ranked the top 100 vote-getters and can now present to you’s 2013 Hot 100. Did your favorites make it in this year?

Some statistics you might be interested in: First, over a third of the men in this year’s list are brand new to the Hot 100. Second, while people define “person of color” in different ways, we count 16 men of color on the list. Finally, by our count there are 22 out gay men on the list this year.

Special programming announcement: this year, for the first time, we also presented the top fifty men as chosen by TheBacklot readers along with the top fifty women selected by our sister site AfterEllen. Together they made up the coed Logo Hot 100.

But down now to the heart of the matter, the hundred men you chose to be on our Hot 100 this year. You’ll find them split into the two galleries below. Also, per reader request, on the pages to follow is an expanded non-gallery version. Included is basic biographical information as well as each man’s ranking (if any) from last year’s Hot 100. Please let us know what you think in the comments.


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