Another three bite the dust: “Eli”, “Daisies” and “Money” get the axe from ABC


Bad news for three shows from gay creators: ABC has passed on ordering additional episodes past the original 13 for Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Dirty Sexy Money.

The ratings for all three sophomore dramas had been flagging seriously since their return in September, so this isn’t too big of a surprise, but it’s a bummer and a half to see the shows reach the end of their lines. Greg Berlanti‘s Dirty Sexy Money introduced a groundbreaking character in Carmelita, a transgender woman played by a transgender actress, Candis Cayne, who was actually treated as a human being and not as a punchline.

Stone brought gay pop star George Michael back to American televisions, and Daisies had a planned gay character before the strike pretty much nixed the development of the latter half of the first season. The only upside to this news is that this might mean that Bryan Fuller will return to pull the bloody body of Heroes out of the wreckage of Season 3 and breathe life back into it, as he has hinted he might.

Eonline has some exclusive quotes from Fuller and Kristin Chenoweth about Daisies‘ cancellation. 

So which of the shows (if any) will you miss most? Let us know in our poll after the break! 

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