Appointment Viewing: More Fall Premieres Including “Supernatural,” “Fringe,” “Terra Nova,” “Happy Endings,” and more!

It’s time to take another look at a week ahead of Appointment Viewing, your guide to the shows that will be fighting for space on your DVR. There are plenty of new shows debuting this week including Happy Endings, Desperate Housewives, Pan Am and Terra Nova.

The new fall season finally comes to Friday, bringing another line-up that will leave you scratching your head wondering how the night got a reputation for being a TV wasteland. That includes a new season of Supernatural on The CW.

Plenty of shows offer a cliffhanger at the end of the season, but few shows can offer one that delivers more than a suggestion of change, or a shock that gets quickly undone when the show returns. Supernatural has bravely taken itself a step forward every year. Not every season has been great (I never expected to be underwhelmed by the Apocalypse) but Supernatural hasn’t been afraid of creating a new status quo.


Last season, we saw a lot less of Castiel as he fought the war in heaven. In the season finale, that war ended with him victorious and taking the role of God. That wasn’t a development that looked good for Sam and Dean, especially since they weren’t working to help Castiel ascend into power.

Friday also brings the second-season premiere of Nikita, which also saw some big changes in the last finale. Michael is now on the run with Nikita, Amanda is now in charge of The Division, and Alex no longer trusts anyone. As the new season picks up, Nikita and the Division are still seeking the black boxes, a battle that gives Alex some leverage over the Division.

Is it just me or does Michael and Nikita look like they’re roleplaying Steve Trevor and Diana Prince?

Since Nikita needs a little more beefcake to keep up with Supernatural, the drama has Dillon Casey (who you last saw as Captain Jack‘s one-night stand) joining the show in a recurring role as a man sent to make sure Amanda doesn’t forget who is really in charge of the Division.

The CW doesn’t have all of Friday’s genre shows as Fox will start a new season of Fringe. As a frustrated Lost viewer, I skipped this show when it debuted, but according to our Fall TV Interest Meter, a good number of you are fans. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find the time to catch up, but what I’ve heard about where Fringe has ended certainly has me considering it.

CBS is also debuting its new line-up, and that includes the debut of A Gifted Man. The drama stars Patrick Wilson as a materialistic, work-obsessed doctor who starts getting visits from the ghost of his ex-wife, and follows her requests that she help out a the free clinic she used to run. The experience helps him rediscover his ideals as he’s reminded how being a doctor allows him to improve his patients’ lives.

Honestly, it all sounds pretty saccharine, but Brent says it avoids that problem and manages to be a solid drama. Between Wilson and recent Emmy winner Margo Martindale, it makes A Gifted Man sound like it’s worth sampling.

There’s one more series debuting Friday as the Hub offers its version of the singing contest with Majors & Minors. The reality series follows 12 kids who dream of music careers and who will get the chance to be mentored by successful recording artists, including Adam Lambert. It doesn’t sound like my kind of show, but it’s pretty groundbreaking to have an out gay man have a prominent role on a children’s network show.

Friday also brings new episodes of Haven, another four hopefuls looking to be declared a One Man Army, as well as a new edition of Real Time with Bill Maher.

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