Arrow Recap: Where’s Walter?

Oliver wants to know where his people at. We get the lowdown on The Undertaking. And some big secrets are revealed.

Only two episodes remain in one of the most amazing first season of a show ever. Most series struggle a bit starting out of the gate. They have to try and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Arrow knew what it was doing from the get go. The writers had a plan and they executed it flawlessly.

We kick off with the Hood breaking up a little clandestine meeting with a CPA. I guess someone is a little late filing their taxes or something. Oliver is apparently in one of his good moods, because he just beats the snot out of the guy’s guards instead of killing them. Then he proceeds to take the CPA’s laptop, give him a swirlie and slap a “Kick Me: sign on his back.

The Arrow Cave is getting kind of quiet, what with Oliver’s bad behavior having driven everyone off but the wonderfully patient Felicity Smoak. Nothing phases Felicity, not sweaty workouts and not bratty behavior.

She even stands up to Oliver and tells him to get over his hissy fit and go make up with Digg. Of course, he pouts in response and says that Digg started it and he’s going to hold his breath until Digg says he’s sorry.

Now, the next thing that happens is something so laughably outrageous, so wildly implausible that it even puts the Vulcan Death Pinch maneuver to shame. Moira gets a call from the insurance company because they insist on paying out Walter’s life insurance policy.

I’m sorry, my suspension of disbelief only goes so far. No insurance company ever would seek out people to give them money. They’re number one goal is to fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out. And wanting to pay out life insurance when someone hasn’t been declared legally dead?

Sorry, show, I’m not going for it.

This entirely ridiculous notion is just to bring the subject of Walter back into the show, since we’ve forgotten all about him for months. And that lets us go into Flashback!

Finally, we get to see the origins of The Undertaking. Something I have long suspected proved to be true—it all started with the best of intentions. In the beginning, it was really an attempt to use The List of Doom to force horrible people to do the right thing.

So in actuality, all of Oliver’s killing and avenging all season has had no impact on The Undertaking at all. That’s fantastic! Dad really should have explained a whole lot more things before he ate that bullet.

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