“Arrow” Recap: He’s No Robin Hood

So, though we are already overflowing with awesome on this show, the generous gods of Arrow have decided to give us even more hotness. Yep, tonight is the debut of Roy Harper. He’s played by Colton Haynes. You don’t know who that is? Here’s a little visual clue courtesy of last season’s Teen Wolf


He is not the precious gem that is in danger tonight, though we can hope his jewels will be the subject of future plots. No, tonight it’s all about this big red ruby and some effete British thief known as The Dodger, played by James Callis. He’s not the playful little street urchin getting into hijinks on behalf of that rascal Fagin. No, this dude finds hapless dupes to steal for him, under the duress of an explosive collar he puts on them.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Team Arrow is hard at work. Oliver is impressing them with his ability to be shirtless. Digg helps by watching him. Felicity, somehow, can’t be bothered. She must be a lesbian. No straight woman (or gay man) could fiddle on a computer while Oliver sweats and grunts behind her.

Oliver announces the next target is Kent Williams. Felicity finds out that Kent is just a single dad trying to raise a son in this crazy world. He likes puppies and kittens and moonlit strolls on the beach and not being murdered by The Hood.

Felicity rebels, telling Oliver he’s a big meanie for picking on people who ruin other people’s lives and there are plenty of other people to pick on. Oliver blows her off so she quits. I thought the plan was that she was going to focus on the Walter problem while Oliver crusades and she wasn’t going to get involved in his extracurricular murders. Oh well. For the first time ever, Felicity sort of annoys me.

Moira, meanwhile has a meeting with Frank, a fellow evil-maybe-not-evil guy involved in this whole Undertaking business. She tells him she wants out and she needs his help. I still think she’s at the very core of all this. But we’ll see.

Oliver and Felicity make up. She gets all righteous in his face and he lets her know he handled the Kent Williams sitch without murdering him. So everybody is happy. And now it’s time to find and deal with The Dodger.

It turns out that while our villain of the week may prefer to use threats and a stun wand over brute force, he isn’t a guy you want to betray. When his fence tries to skip out on payment, the fence winds up with a severe case of lead poisoning. His bodyguards all survive, though, which makes The Dodger more merciful than our hero. Ain’t that a kick?


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