“Arrow” Finale: Of Heroes and Villains

The season finale is here! Will Malcolm’s evil scheme succeed? Will all of Team Arrow survive? Will Roy take off his shirt?

Well…. So, season one of Arrow has ended, bringing with it shocks and twists and turns and, for this recapper, about two liters of tears.

We have lots to cover, so let’s start with Magical Ninja Island. When last we left our trio of Super Friends, they had been caught by the nasty little jerk Fyers who then proceeded to murder Yao Fei in front of them.

Oliver finally saws through his bonds, after like hours of working on it. Then he leaps into action with a moderate amount of competence. He stabs (and presumably kills) one of the cronies and then frees Shado and the ass-kicking gets underway.

After some fisticuffs, the missile launcher is seized and the endangered airliner is saved. How? I have no idea and if I try to figure it out I think my brain might explode. This show gets a little fuzzy on details sometimes. Anyway, the missile changes course and heads straight for Magical Ninja Island.


The camp goes up in a fireball. Oliver goes running through the wreckage looking for the rest of the Super Friends. Slade survived, making some snarky comment to Oliver and promising celebratory snuggles.

Shado also survived, and because she’s female she naturally gets to be the hostage. Seriously, show, Shado is no one’s helpless prisoner, especially not Fyers’. But we had to have this moment because this was the very first time Oliver kills someone with a bow. How appropriate that it’s Fyers who gets to be his first.

Now we move back to the modern day. Previously, Oliver confronted Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) about how he failed Starling City. Malcolm responded with a total kicking of Oliver’s ass.

So, this is where we pick up…


I may or may not have that picture as my desktop background.

This is a rare case where the villain not killing the hero makes sense. Malcolm is still trying to keep his promise to not hurt Moira’s family. So he’s basically giving Oliver a time-out while he completes his Evil Master Plan.

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