“Arrow” Recap: Things Fall Apart

Arrow this week decided to change things up and have the person to die in the first thirty seconds not be a victim of the Hood. Instead, it’s some poor woman hopped up drugs that make her want to go and play in traffic.

Vertigo, the drug designed by the Count

No, not this guy

…is back. And it’s new and improved. And it goes and screws up my sweet pack of boys, so I am seriously holding a grudge. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Detestable Detective Lance storms into Verdant, Oliver’s new night club and demands to know which one of them injected the girl with drugs. Or basically that’s what his ranting amounted to, anyway. When they point out that they can’t hope to keep track of their hundreds of customers, Lance sneers at them and goes on his detestable way.

Oliver is not too happy to realize that Vertigo is back on the streets. It makes him regret being merciful to the Count. I’m not sure that filling him so full of his own drug that it dissolved his brain is really a mercy, but you know how Oliver is.

He goes to Arkham the loony bin where they’re keeping the guy and tries to interrogate him, but the Count is currently the Mayor of Crazytown and can’t really answer questions.

Or maybe he’s crazy like a fox! The wonderful Felicity Smoak reveals that the Count has flown the coop, as it were. Oliver takes the news badly, upending tables and stomping his feet and holding his breath until he turns blue.

Okay, there is just way too much Lance in this episode. I mean, any Detective Lance is too much Lance, but this episode is really overdoing it. First they want us to believe he’s actually pursuing the case of the missing Count. Come on, show, you’ve made it clear that all Lance does all day long is fantasize about ripping the vigilante’s, er, hood off. He doesn’t actually do any police work.

Then, to top it all off, you want me to buy into the idea Lance is hesitant to roust his daughter’s boyfriend? Sorry, show, my suspension of disbelief only goes so far. It helps to throw in some shirtless training montages, just FYI. A minute or two of Steven’s abs and the logical parts of my brain shut down for a good twenty minutes.

We get even more Detestable Detective Lance as he interrogates Tommy in front of his daughter—great plan, there, Lance. He wants to know about some missing money and a mysterious text and how Tommy’s hair always looks so perfect and so on and so on.

Tommy refuses to answer and Laurel, the lawyer, tells her dad to get lost. Lance tries to make the case that he’s being the good cop, trying to politely accuse Tommy of dealing drugs unlike some mean cop who would say it in an insulting way.

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