“Arrow” Recap: This One Time, At Boot Camp…

You know where we left off last week. Because if you’re a fan of this show, the shocking ending of last week’s episode was burned into your brain and, like me, you were counting the minutes until you could find out what happens next.

Arrow did not disappoint.

Moira plays the defenseless woman to perfection. I am beginning to suspect that she’s even more evil than Malcolm Merlyn. She wails and holds up a picture of her kids and begs for mercy—not for her sake, but for her poor sweet fatherless adult-aged children, who will have to fend for themselves without her, scraping by on their inherited billions.

Oliver’s rage falters before this masterful act. He demands to know what happened to Walter Steele and because Moira is so beautifully evil and not nearly as rattled as she is pretending to be, she tells him she doesn’t know where Walter is. Which is the absolute truth—just not the whole truth.

And then she pulls out a gun and shoots him.


I mean…


Shakespeare would be like, “that’s some pretty fine family drama right there.” Only he would use a lot of “forsooths” and “whysoevers.”

Oliver escapes, leaving behind a blood trail that will surely come back to bite him later. But when you’ve been mortally wounded by your mother, you can be forgiven for not fretting about these little details.

Where do you turn when you’re a vigilante with a hemorrhaging bullet wound and you’re in the Queen Industries building? Why, Felicity Smoak of course. Because when you need awesome, you need look no further than Felicity.

She reacts with only modest surprise at the revelation that her sexy boss is also The Hood. And then she says she’s getting him to a hospital. But he makes her swear to instead take her to the old Queen Industries steel mill.

“You need a doctor, not a steel worker,” she tells him.

I love you Felicity.

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