Ask the Flying Monkey! (December 07, 2009)

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A Note from the Flying Monkey: I recently wrote
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questions all at the same time clustered around a central theme. Well, almost
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Q: Oh,
Great Flying Simian Even Smarter Than the Only Other Smart Monkey I Can Think
Of, Doctor Zaius: You might not have heard about it because it was very
hush-hush, but Adam Lambert kissed his keyboardist during a performance at the
American Music Awards. Supposedly, it wasn’t rehearsed, but done “in the
moment.” So what does the keyboardist think – and is he gay? – Martin, U.S. Virgin Islands

Adam Lambert plants one on keyboardist Tommy Ratliff

A: Hush-hush indeed, Martin!

According to Lambert, keyboardist Tommy
Ratliff is straight and single, and while it’s true that the actual kiss wasn’t
rehearsed, there was, even in rehearsal, an intimate moment where Lambert
grabbed him by the hair. It didn’t take a genius to see that a kiss was a
definitely possible during the spontaneity of the performance itself.

In any event, after the performance Ratliff tweeted, "Thanks SOO much
to everyone that watched!!!! Rock n Roll is a
prostitute…it should be tartted up.”

Which seems to me to preclude the possibility of a
sexual harassment suit any time soon.

Tommy Ratliff

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