Ask the Flying Monkey! (February 12, 2009)

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Ask the Monkey!

Q: I’m a huge fan of The Biggest Loser and I’d heard somewhere
that Bob is gay. True? — Daniel, Auckland,

A:  Rumors have swirled around Harper, who is the oldest of The Biggest
’s three personal trainers, for years.  Harper declined to
comment, but he’s never come out, nor does he list a sexual orientation on his
MySpace profile.

Biggest Loser personal trainer Bob Harper

Still, two of The Biggest Loser 6 contestants recently
seemed to out him while appearing on a radio show: 

According to

Phillip and Amy Parham called in to the Monsters in
the Morning show on Real Radio 104.1 two weeks ago (listen on iTunes, around 2:45:00), and when asked “Is Bob
married?” there was a pause, and Amy said, “no,” and Phil said, “Uh, no.” He
then added, “Bob likes his clothes and all that. And, uh, yeah. We’ll leave it
at that. Bob’s not married.”

The host, Russ Rollins, said, “I didn’t think he
was married. We got it. Winky winky.” Neither Phillip nor Amy objected to the
interviewers using their suggestive comments to draw the conclusion that Bob is

Q: I just saw a posting on Facebook for a casting session for season
three of The Big Gay Sketch Show! Good news, but I hope it doesn’t
mean we’re losing other cast members! – Jim, Beaverton, OR

A: The show is definitely back for a third season, but in a Flying Monkey
exclusive, I can report that every one of last season’s cast is returning,
except for Erica Ash, who left for MadTV

And who will be replacing her? Well, that’s just it: that casting call you saw is an open casting call. That means that anyone can apply, and
the winner will be determined, in part, by people who vote for these aspiring
hopefully-gay comics online.  

Q: 1979’s Roller Boogie: the gayest non-gay movie ever made? – Andrew,
Monterey, CA

A: What gave it away? “Hell on Wheels,” the Cher-sung disco theme song? The
appearance of male couples (and possibly a triad) on the skate floor? The incredibly short-shorts on
all the guys?

A scene from Roller Boogie

Okay, maybe the shorts aren’t gay per se. Weirdly, all guys wore shorts like
that in the 70s. Not that the Flying Monkey would know, since I obviously
wasn’t born yet.

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