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Q: Can you
please help us get more details on Luke Macfarlane’s involvement in a Canadian
movie Iron Road? He plays a straight guy who
falls in love with a woman who was disguised as a boy and has a total nude
scene which is gorgeous and sexy. — Bclee

A: Who is this, the publicist for Iron
? You’re a smart one. By getting me to
publish your email on, you should sell at least a few thousand extra
copies of the movie.

Charlotte Sullivan and Luke Macfarlane in Iron Road

Iron Road, a $10 million Canada/Chinese production, tells the sad
story of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and of the many Chinese
workers who were tricked into slavery and lost their lives in the rail’s
construction. A Chinese girl dresses as a boy to look for her father, one of
the railroad’s workers. Along the way, she has an affair with Macfarlane’s
character, the son of a railroad baron.

”I really wanted to do something that was Canadian,” Macfarlane, an Ontario native, told TV
“Then this came along, and it seemed like the perfect Canadian thing to do.
Also, growing up, I watched these great CBC TV-movies, and said, ‘I want to do

Now I’m sorry to disappoint you, Iron Road publicist, but I feel it’s important to
inform my readers that while Luke does seem to have a very brief nude scene, he
used a body double for the "good parts" — at least according to Kong Chang over at the fan site, who tells me:

I’ve analyzed the scene, and yes, it is a body double, as Luke still retains his long underwear during the water scene (you can see the outline of the fabric when he is swimming). Plus Luke has hairier legs than the body double and although the build is very similar, Luke does not have love handles…even small amounts of them either. Though this movie was filmed in 2007 and Luke has buffed up some and lost some weight since (especially his small beer gut), I went through the scenes with a combed brush. What you see of Luke stripping to the long underwear is all Luke, what you see from the underwear scene onward is the body double.

Iron Road publicist, I’d ask you to tell me if Kong is right or not,
but I’m certain you’d lie.

Q: Is John Gidding from HGTV’s Designed To Sell gay? — Thomas

A: He is. The 32-year-old TV host was born in
Istanbul, Turkey, where he lived until moving to the U.S. for college, graduating
with degrees in architecture from both Yale (undergraduate) and Harvard
(Masters). He’s also a former model.

And no, I’m not jealous of a resume like that at all, why do you ask?

John Gidding

Q: I got to
see Dream Boy (the movie based on Jim
Grimsley’s novel of the same name) at QFest (in Philadelphia). The movie was simply
fantastic and as good as Shelter!
I understand that it has been released in Germany
and the UK, but there
doesn’t seem to be any information of when it will be released in the US. — David, Stuck in Traffic on 101/405, California

A: I hope you’re not
texting me while driving. You know that that’s considerably worse than driving drunk,
right? And I don’t care if the traffic was
momentarily at a stand-still. I’m choosing to believe you weren’t texting me.

Wait. You were texting me, weren’t you? How else
could you have written me? I’m so not okay with this!

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