Ask the Flying Monkey! What’s with all the Jake-Gyllenhaal-is-Gay Rumors? Is Oral Sex “Safe”?

The Flying Monkey weighs in on all those Jake Gyllenhaal and Glee rumors, whether oral sex is "safer sex," and if it’s okay to "de-gay" a resume in a time of economic crisis!

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Q: Why do people keep insisting that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay? Is it because of Brokeback Mountain? Certain blogs out there label actors as "gay" as if they were talking about their eye color, but isn’t the goal to keep everyone out of everybody else’s bedroom, actor or no actor? I never understood how people can’t see that labeling someone as gay (who isn’t) even if you’re gay yourself is homophobic and harmful. Basically you’re proving that there is something wrong with being gay by using it as a weapon. – Cassie, Austin, TX

A: Fantasy wish-fulfillment aside, I’ve always thought it was lazy and simple-minded to label an actor “gay” just because he’s played a gay role. As I’ve said many times, if you want to know who’s gay and closeted in Hollywood, look to the actors who have never played a gay role.

When it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s particularly annoying because I honestly believe the guy deserves a lot of credit for taking that role in Brokeback Mountain, especially since it involved him being on the “receiving end” in the tent scene. In 2005 America, for an up-and-coming lead male actor, this was a pretty big deal (and I’m completely serious about this).

Gyllenhaal in some obscure art film nobody saw

But yeah, all the gossiping and rumor-mongering about Jake just proves the most cynical people in Hollywood right: that American audiences are too stupid to separate an actor from the roles he plays. And from gay blogs, no less? Sheesh.

Still, I disagree with you a bit about the ultimate “goal” of the GLBT movement. Brokeback Mountain tent scene aside, being gay isn’t really about sex. There are two parts of being gay: the private part, which is what we do in our bedrooms (and kitchens and living rooms and hot tubs, if we’re lucky); and the public part, which is about relationships and rights. The only part that concerns heterosexuals is the second part.

In other words, the public part of being gay or straight isn’t yet the casual non-issue that is a person’s eye color – but I think it should be. And someday it will be.

Q: Will the Glee concert ever be released on DVD for the people who couldn’t see it? – Dinky_chix, UK

Q: I heard Ryan Seacrest mention on his show that Ryan Murphy is having Glee‘s Mark Salling (Puck) and Kevin McHale (Artie) reaudition to be included in the second season of the show, with one of them being written out of the show. Please say it ain’t so! Also, any truth to the rumor that hottie Brit John Barrowman will be joining the show in season two? – Gleek, NH

A: The two Glee concerts at Radio City Music Hall were definitely being taped for a possible future DVD release, but there’s no word on when that might be.

As for that interview with Mark Salling and Kevin McHale on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, I can confirm that the email from Ryan Murphy was real, but here’s what it said:

You can tell them that both of their characters will have to re-audition next season on the show, but only one of them makes it in. Ha! They know nothing of this. It could be fun.

In other words, it’s their characters that have to reaudition to get into the glee club. After some initial confusion by the actors (which probably contributed to your confusion), that’s the way Ryan, Mark, and Kevin interpreted it too. So don’t plan on either actor leaving the show. 

As for John Barrowman, word was he was auditioning for a guest-shot (not an ongoing gig), and my source says that was all a rumor anyway. Barrowman did express an interest in doing the show in one interview, but it sounds like the audition never happened. We’re checking with John for a final answer. 

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