ATWT video clip update: Dueling strippers edition

Today on As the World Turns, the Snyder men host a bachelor party for Uncle Jack. It’s not much fun for Luke unfortunately because 1) he’s sober, 2) Noah shows up and rejects him yet again, and 3) he has to watch Brian Wheatley overcompensate his heterosexuality by drinking too much and pawing the female stripper. 

Too bad Luke didn’t score an invite to the hen party – that soiree at least had a male stripper.

Later, Luke gets stuck driving a drunk Wheatley home. Once back at the Lily pad, Wheatley puts the moves on him. How will Luke react?

Find out in the Nuke video clips after the break!

If you missed it, be sure and check out Brian’s liveblog for this episode. As always, you can find previous, liveblogs, video clips and other goodies over on the ATWT Resource Page


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