ATWT video clip update: Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Wheatley

Today on As the World Turns, Lucinda and her new husband Brian Wheatley take a private tango lesson. Lucinda gets a little hot and bothered and wants to take it into the bedroom, but Wheatley is quick to shut her down. Meanwhile, Luke goes in search of Brian Wheatley‘s ex-wife, hoping she’ll give him some good dirt on the man.

But Caroline Wheatley doesn’t seem interested in talking about her ex-husband. Once she’s away from Luke, she calls Brian and warns him that someone is asking questions about their marriage.

Curious about the first Mrs. Wheatley and what Brian will do now that he knows Luke is investigating his past? Find out more in today’s video clip.

If you missed it, be sure and check out Brian’s liveblog for this episode. As always, you can find previous, liveblogs, video clips and other goodies over on the ATWT Resource Page.

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