Barack Obama’s Favorite Character on “The Wire”? Gay Thief Omar

In a recent interview with The Las Vegas Sun, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama spoke about what is apparently his favorite TV show: HBO’s fascinating The Wire, which meticulously decontructs the urban dystopia of modern-day Baltimore. When asked who his favorite character is on the show, Obama answered:

I gotta say Omar‘s a great character … He’s this gay gangster who only robs drug dealers, and then gives back. You know, he’s sort of a Robin Hood. And he’s the toughest, baddest guy on this show, but he’s gay, you know. And it’s really interesting. It’s a fascinating character.

First, it would be hard for anyone to pick a favorite character among the 500 or so that populate the complex universe of the show, currently in its fifth season. And second, with a show so groundbreaking in its diversity and its focus on urban black communities of all stripes, for Obama to pick the lone gay character is encouraging.

Although not altogether surprising: when I attended the premiere screening and party for the new season last week and the cast was introduced individually, the crowd went nuts when actor Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar Little, was introduced.

Not familiar with The Wire? NetFlix it now from the beginning – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and when was there a better time than now, when there’s nothing new to watch? For more on the groundbreaking gay character that’s stealing the hearts of Presidential hopefuls, check out our interview with Michael K. Williams.

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