Battle of the Network Gays: March 05, 2010

Every week we pick the gay characters, actors, or reality show personalities who have most impressed us in
television (or pop culture in general), and leave it to you, the keepers of the
flame, to decide who will be crowned Gay of the Week.

Most of this week’s candidates (TV characters all) are real tough guys, but they’ll be duking it out with Wisteria Lane’s gay housewives. There’s no clear front runner here, so we expect this to be a close vote.

Check out the nominees after the break.

  • Caprica‘s Sam Adama 

Why? This complicated character is one of the few bright
spots in what has so far been a murky and largely disappointing series. This
is due in large part to actor Sasha Roiz‘ charisma. Last Friday’s ep had Sam threatening his far less interesting brother
Joseph (Esai Morales) with the loss of his son’s affection and respect unless he shapes up and stops
pining over his dead wife and daughter. So a funeral is arranged and, for Tauron
reasons unknown, Sam manages to get shirtless! Not sure if it worked to distract Brother Joe from his sorrow, but a
barechested Sam sure perked me right up!

  • Southland‘s Officer John Cooper 

Why? Because thanks to a pickup by TNT, he’s back with a new season of Southland,
that’s why! And U.S. Television needs as
many complicated tough guy gay characters as it can get. He may have been sort of a jerk this
to rookie partner Ben Sherman, but that’s only because he cares!

  • Desperate Housewive‘s Bob & Lee

Why? Just when we (and Gabrielle) thought these two were the ultimate
party boys, a door opens – in this case to a nursery – and we realize there’s a
whole different side to them. We know Bob and Lee are pretty much just incidental
characters on Desperate Housewives, but for as little as we see them on
Wisteria Lane they never fail to charm.

  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand‘s Barca

Why? Well, because this will be our very last opportunity to
nominate him after last Friday’s episode. Bye Barca, we’ll really miss ya. Hey, now that Pietro is back on the (slave) market,
does anybody have his digits?

Vote for your favorite by noon EDT Monday. And be sure to check back next Tuesday on the blog to see which network gay our readers have carried to glory!


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