“Beauty and the Geek” (5.5) recaplet: Gay Greggie goes from N.E.R.D. to “H-A-W-T”

If you’ve been waiting for gay geek Greg to get as much screen time on Beauty and the Geek as he did in the season premiere, this week’s episode was certainly satisfying and could have been the campiest the show has gotten. Not only did we get geek makeovers, but the episode had soap opera parodies galore and even a drag show (when the gay castmember wasn’t even around!).

BatG usually likes to play up the idea that in getting to know each other, there’s the chance of romance. That had me a little worried for gay Greg when they teamed up the Beauties and Geeks, but they haven’t shied away from his gayness at all. When the makeovers are announced, we quickly see Greg express hope that it’ll help his chances with men: "I really hope this makeover helps me have guys look at me when I go to the club. Because I really want to be checked out and be a piece of meat for once." Having seen Greg dance earlier in the season, it’s hard to imagine people not noticing him in a club, but I guess Greg wants to be noticed for more than his footwork.

Disappointingly, this time we don’t get to see the Beauties in full control of their Geek’s makeover. Instead, they have to give their geek as much style advice as possible before sending them to pick out their new wardrobe solo. Greg is told by his partner, "Navy Diva" Randi, that he has to get used to wearing a bigger pant size, calling the corduroys he’s wearing "nuthuggers" as Greg laughs nervously. Greg and Randi have an adorable "odd couple" vibe, with Randi repeatedly pushing Greg into a case of the giggles with her blunt way of speaking. It’s pretty cute when she tries to teach him to have some attitude, trying to get him to snap and say something arrogant, only to have him shake his head and laugh.

Later, we see Greg get some additional attitude training at the hair salon as one of the stylists try to give him some practice at snapping his fingers. It’s so good to see I’m not the only gay who can’t snap.

While none of the geek makeovers are as dramatic as in past seasons, Greg now has the confidence to toss out the "Shut up, bitch!" line that Randi tried to teach him earlier. Randi declares that he looks like a boy version of herself while Greg interviews that he feels "Hot with a w… H-A-W-T."

To see Greggie’s new look and hear what went down on the Young and the Restless challenge, click on through the jump!

Greg’s new look: Hot or not?

Meanwhile, while every other Geek is thrilled with their new look, faux-cowboy Joe reacts to his makeover by moping and whining that he no longer looks like a sketch comedy character. In a brilliant bit of comedic juxtaposition, the scene at the salon shows him getting his back waxed over audio of him waxing mournful at the idea of "giving up something that is so dear to you". I know he was probably talking about his cowboy gear and flag-clothing, but the suggestion that he was so broken up over losing his back hair gave me a hearty snicker.

The big challenge this week brings the cast to the set of The Young and the Restless to perform a romantic scene for Y&R cast members for Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford. Greg and Randi play out a scene where Randi’s advances are cut off when Greg comes out … prompting a slap that leaves a shocked, glassy stare on Greg’s face.

Greg and Randi don’t win the competition, but they are chosen to share the prize with the winners. In yet another game twist (I’m almost ready to declare this the Calvinball season of BatG), the four teams staying behind have to choose among themselves to send a team into the elimination room next week.

The teams try to devise a challenge to determine which one will face the elimination room next week and decide on a "cross-dress fashion show", much to the annoyance of Joe, who was hoping for competitive passion-play production. For the most part the guys try to look good in drag (despite a lack of wigs and make-up Tammy Faye would have found excessive) except for Joe, who walks out as a trailer trash version of Norma Desmond. Ironically, Joe’s the one I could most easily see in a professional drag show, even though his silly take earned him and his partner a trip to the elimination room.

Next week, we’re promised a heated episode with Joe spitting at Randi, prompting a threat of violence out of the Navy Diva, while some actual heat is supplied by a challenge where the geeks have to play the role of firemen. Cool, we get to see our gay geek try to be an action hero.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to think Greg could go far in the competition. He and Randi aren’t ruffling feathers (and while Randi’s gotten into a couple fights, they always seem to be against someone the rest of the house is united against) and aren’t seen as a threat and, therefore, no one is targeting them for the elimination room. Anyone else think they could stealthily make it into the final four or three?

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