“Being Human”: Out actor Russell Tovey brings his hairy buns back to telly


Sadly, this news is only for our friends overseas (did you catch the subtle use of "telly" in the headline? I’m a pro, see…): Adorable out actor Russell Tovey (The History Boys) will be back on BBC3 when his show Being Human, in which he plays a werewolf, kicks off this Sunday.

The show ran a while back as a pilot, and is now returning for a full series. Interestingly, Tovey is the only of the three central actors from the pilot to return (the others play a ghost and a vampire). We’re certainly thrilled to have him back and are very much looking forward to the "lots of nude transforming scenes" referenced in this recent interview.

For the uninitiated, a few more pics of Tovey (including a few mildly NSFW shots from the pilot) follow …



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