Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (August 28, 2009)


Your Facebook recap votes are counted, gay and straight men mad at Mad Men, and who knew Canadians could be so forceful!

Two weeks ago, I polled readers to find out which fall television shows we should give our patented Facebook recap treatment. Coming in at #1 was Ryan Murphy‘s new show Glee which snagged 29% of the vote. Second place went to Brothers & Sisters with 18% followed closely by Supernatural with 14%.

I also asked readers whether they wanted us to Facebook recap the same shows week after week, and much to my surprise, you said no by a vote of 80% to 20%. So starting next month look for us to give the Facebook treatment to the shows with the most deserving episodes for that week.

By now, most everyone knows that the season premiere of Mad Men had our boy Sal (Bryan Batt) getting a little "action" while on a business trip. Turns out some folks are mad about how the show handled the gay aspects. On one hand, we have Gawker who wants to know why that episode came with a "Mature Audiences" warning when Sal got some of the gay variety, but no such warning aired the following week when Peggy got some of the straight variety.

Meanwhile, over on Premium Hollywood, a very straight fellow nicknamed Demo42 is very unhappy the show included anything at all about Sal’s love life because Mad Men is a show about straight men for straight men (that includes the stuff about women) and everyone else can just suck it.! Demo42’s is the second to last comment and has to be read just for its hilarious amount of self-absorption and self-righteousness. Oh, and for its likening of watching gay sex to biting into an onion.

Methinks AMC should consider putting a "Not For Stupid Audiences" warning up before the next episode so Demo42 can head on over to SpikeTV. BTW, I contacted AMC for a comment about the warning label, but no one ever got back to me.

Speaking of angry, who knew Canadians could be so feisty? Well, it turns out they can be! It’s one thing to swipe all of their talented actors, musicians and so forth, and to not know the first thing about how their government works, and to tell jokes about Canadian winters. That they’ll put up with. But malign famous Canadian coffee/donut chain Tim Hortons and all hell breaks loose!

This I learned myself in the last BGWE when I nominated Tim Hortons for Asshat of the Week due to their involvement with a National Organization of Marriage fundraiser in Rhode Island. Fans of Tim Hortons were not happy with me although some expressed that in more polite ways than others.

One polite fellow told how a Tim Hortons sponsored camp provided him with many happy childhood memories while others extolled the many other virtues of Hortons. Then there was the person who wrote their whole message in caps and started off with "ARE YOU NUT!" And here I thought the Canadian educational system was so superior to the US! It was also pointed out that it was a franchisee who actually hooked up with NOM and not the Canadian corporation itself..

So I hereby apologize to Tim Hortons and all of Canada for maligning this fine institution. In fact, I had a dozen Tim Hortons donuts shipped to me along with some coffee which I’ll have to now consume to show there are no hard feelings. Here goes the donut! Chew, chew, chew. Mmmm, not bad! Okay, now for some coffee! Slurp, slurp — OMG! IT’S CRAP! Bleah! Where’s my Starbucks! This is the worst — Oops… I’ve really put my foot in it now, haven’t I?

Take that you lousy good for nothing Yank!

Dear God, no, not Queerty! The last BGWE also led to some discussion of the tone of our site which we strive to keep civil if vigorous. However, reader deegeezee suggested last week’s column veered a little too closely to being like that of Queerty. To which I can only say, No-o-o-o-o! For the love of God, not that!

Why such a strong reaction? Just check out the comments on this Queerty post and you’ll see what I mean.

Being snarky involves walking a fine line, but I can promise you, we’ll always try to not set a Queerty-like tone. Not that there is anything wrong with Queerty, mind you! We’ve nothing but respect for Queerty. (Did I manage to say that with a straight face?)

Next page! Asshat scif fi writers and the National Organization of Marriage … again! If you want to skip the Asshat voting, just click here!

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