Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (February 06, 2009)

Okay, you’re probably wondering “why the hell is that guy doing the BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER?” While I usually toil in the dank dungeon of “the blog”, I managed to carve a makeshift spoon from the jaw bone of a blogger that blog editor Brian Juergens had trapped and consumed. Just the price you pay for missing a deadline.

I used the spoon to tunnel my way to the mainpage, where I was captured and brought to the throne room of editor Michael Jensen. He gave me a choice, either entertain him with a BGWE! column, or be covered in A-1 sauce and thrown to Brian.

So there you go.

Actually, I’m glad to be doing this week’s BGWE as it gives us a chance to discuss a topic that isn’t brought up much here … sports. With both the Super Bowl and the Australian Open, this past weekend was one of the biggest sports weekends of the year, and opens the door for us to look at why certain sports seem to appeal to gay men more than others, and why compiling a top ten of athletes’ gay slurs was very easy to put together.

Winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (l) is
congratulated by Kurt Warner


The Super Bowl aired Sunday night, and reminded me again why I rarely watch “the straight Oscars”. So much pomp and circumstance for a game that’s basically “keep away” with helmets and steroids. At least the half-time show sometimes provides an entertainingly awkward distraction, and this year that role was filled nicely by Bruce Springsteen‘s high-velocity crotch.

This gun’s for hire!

Besides the half-time show, the million-dollar commercials usually provide a breath of fresh air from the synthetic testosterone on the football field, but this year’s crop of ads was especially lame. The bottom-of-the-barrel was officially scraped when race-car driver Danica Patrick (who is so tired of people not taking her seriously) starred in two commercials for something called GoDaddy! that would have been right at home on late-night Spike TV.

“You mean this isn’t how Shirley Muldowney got started?”

There weren’t even any good controversial commercials this year (unless you count needless crystal ball abuse, which I do!). I’m not saying I was hoping for something homophobic, but gee, remember how we all rallied the troops when this awesome debacle reared its ugly head?

Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? It’s actually been two years since we tackled that ad, and judging from the commercials we saw this year, it may be possible that advertisers learned their lesson about gay panic and gay baiting. It’s too bad ESPN didn’t get the message.

Next page! What gay men were watching instead of the Super Bowl.

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