Best. Gay. Week. Ever! My Hot 100 Choices, the Debate Over “Glee” and More!

If there is any task I truly hate as the editor of, it’s having to deal with the Hot 100 every year. The sheer torture of having to check each and every one of your Hot 100 comments for the photos of hot guys you have posted is excruciating.

I can’t tell you how much I dread having to— ooh, someone just a posted a new picture of Eddie Cibrian! And check out that one of Sendhil Ramamurthy! Smokin’! 

Cibrian is Spanish for "sex on a stick"

Um, where was I? Anyway, I was going to share my Hot 100 pics this week, but it occurs to me that you guys are probably sick of hot guys by this point. In fact, I can sense you are hungering for something more intellectual, so today’s column is devoted to a discussion of quantum mechanics

We’ll start with the thought experiment known as Schrödinger’s cat which asks "If a cat died in a forest and no one saw it die, would Ricky Martin be hotter now that he’s out?"

Wait, what? Okay, clearly I have no choice but to share my Hot 100 picks with you, so here goes. BTW, I can not believe how fricking hard this was! 

Hot 100 

Okay, these picks are based solely on which guys turn my crank
to the point where, should they ever hit on me at a party (okay, stop
the laughing), I might have to turn to the Flying Monkey and say, "You understand, right?"

And in no particular order…

Cheyenne Jackson, Ricky Martin, John Abraham

1) Cheyenne Jackson. Those eyes, those cheeks. I was smitten the first time I laid eyes on him.

2) Ricky Martin. Always sexy. Ten times more now that he’s out.

3) Daniel Craig. The best kind of sexy straight men — confident and masucline, but not a macho prick.

4) John Abraham. What can I say? Dark and swarthy makes me melt.

5) Luke Macfarlane. Again, those eyes. Plus that smile. And he is so sweet in person!

Misha Collins, Jensen Atwood, Adam Rodriguez

6) Adam Rodriguez. Wouldn’t you want him for your stepdad? 

7) Jensen Atwood. When a straight guy this hot plays gay, it’s hard not to dream…

8) Scott Evans. OMG, that furry chest. And his "Fish" voice? Grrrr….

9) Ewan McGregor. I love a guy this confident in himself and his masculinity.

10) Misha Collins. Angelic, indeed!

But the honest truth is that I could think of another ten guys I could go for just as easily as these ten. 

Next page! Men of Color, Out Gay/Bi Men and Men over 50!

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