Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (October 10, 2008)

During my on set interview with Chad Allen about his role on General Hospital: Night Shift (which he is totally rocking, FYI), our conversation turned to his own relationship with boyfriend and fellow actor Jeremy Glazer.

Jeremy Glazer and Chad Allen
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Chad Buchanan

Asked whether or not there was a chance he and Glazer might get married anytime soon, Allen said:

There’s a chance, but I’m really more concerned with defeating Proposition 8, which is on the ballot in November right now. I’ve been working a lot on that, working phone banks, and Sunday I’ll be out with a clipboard trying to get volunteers to help out. I think what we’re fighting right now is a lot of people in Los Angeles and San Francisco who are blasé, thinking, “Oh, there’s no way that will pass. Certainly everybody knows.” But the fact is it’s pretty close right now and it would be really, really just tragic and awful if we wake up the day after the election and go, “Oh, my god, what happened? I should have done something more.”

Chad’s actually looking rather prescient right now as recent polls out of California show the proposition – which would take away the rights of gays and lesbians to marry – is winning. Why the sudden turnaround from last month when the measure appeared to be failing? The likely answer is the Mormon Church which has dumped $25 million into bigoted ads supporting the measure. How bigoted? They are claiming that priests will be fired and that kindergartners will be taught about gay sex. Are you okay with lies like that?

A defeat in California would be a devastating blow as the rest of the nation tends to follow in the Golden State’s footsteps. Allen suggests concerned folks get involved with the fight. How?Suggests Allen:

Equality California . . . all the major organizations now are funneling their efforts into NoonProp8. That’s kind of the epicenter where Equality California, HRC, and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center are all funneling their efforts so that we’re organized and not disparate. They’re really handling a grassroots effort. I’ve spent three nights in the last week on the phones calling undecided voters and calling people, trying to get them to volunteer to do the same and raising money and volunteer hours.

If you haven’t already donated to the fight then do so by clicking here.

Asked whether his sense of social justice was something that came about because of his coming out or something else, Allen said:

No, I was born with it. My twin sister and I were both kind of the political black sheep of our conservative Catholic family. I’ve always been a person to ask questions. I was twelve years in Catholic schools and as early as grade school, I remember contemplating things that were being offered and asking questions about them and wanting to find the truth. I think as most people who know and who care to ask those questions, the seeking of truth just leads you on a great journey and then that journey is just really the answer itself.

Allen’s interest in religion led to his part in the just released film Save Me starring Allen, Robert Gant and Judith Light. Said Allen about the movie:

It’s been a six-year effort at this point and I’m amazed that it’s actually in theaters and I’m excited. The cool thing is it isn’t a film that just speaks to the choir. It’s a film that really speaks more directly to straight people, and in particular Christian straight people, who want to have this conversation about where the intersection of God and gay is and they’re sensing that something isn’t quite right about what we’ve been taught in our churches and what we’re seeing expressed in the world. 

Robert Gant, Judith Light, director Robert Cary, and Chad Allen
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mark Mainz

Does Allen consider himself a religious person in general? 

No. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person and a deeply faithful person, but not a religious person. I’m a member of a church however that is very religious, but to me what they do, the work that they do is God in action. I don’t have much interest in people’s beliefs. We all have a set of beliefs and to me they’re meaningless if you can’t talk to me about what your experience is. Your experience with God, your experience with yourself, your experience growing – that’s what I’m interested in.

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