Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (September 19, 2008)


Okay, not gifts, exactly … but I’m thrilled to be announcing the first contest in the history of!

(Pause for applause.)

See, being as how I live on the other side of the tracks, whenever I get invited uptown to the main page party I feel like I need to bring something, like I see people do on old reruns of Bewitched and such. I was going to make a casserole but I couldn’t find those little crispy onion thingies that are supposed to go on top…

But back to the contest. Yes, we are thrilled to be running a little giveaway in conjunction with next week’s premiere of Little Britain USA on HBO. If you’re not familiar with the series, it stars gay comedian Matt Lucas and David Walliams as … well, as about 50 different characters of various stripes, sizes, and psychoses.

David Walliams as Tom, Matt Lucas as Mark

(Photo: Danny Feld/HBO)

In the UK run, there were a number of ongoing gay-themed sketches, including Dafydd "The only gay in the village" Thomas, who refuses to accept that there are other gay people in his small Welsh town, and Sebastian Love, the possessive assistant to the Prime Minister (brilliantly played by Buffy‘s Anthony Stewart Head).

Both Daffyd and Sebastian have made the journey Stateside, and the guys are introducing a host of new characters as well, among them Tom and Mark, a couple of homophobic/homoerotic gym buddies. The show has always pushed the boundaries of good taste and political correctness, and it doesn’t look like they’ve tamed things down for us Yanks at all.

Here’s a snippet of Dafydd, who is now attending college in the States, meeting his new dorm neighbors:

As for the contest, we’ve got three prizes to give away. The grand prize is a limited-edition Little Britain USA 1G Mimobot flash drive, along with box sets of Extras (Season 1), Flight of the Concords (Season 1), and Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 6). Two runners-up will each receive a limited edition flash drive.

So what do you have to do? Polish off your Little Britain know-how (or warm up your Google-fu) and answer the following questions. Email your answers to, and we’ll pick the first three people to get at least 4 of the answers correct.

Now go!

Which Little Britain character is associated with the following catchphrase? (Full names, please!)

1. "Computer says no…."

2. "Yah, but no, but yah, but no, but yah, but no…"

3.  "I am a lady!"

4.  "Hello, fatties!" 

5.  "Bitty!"

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