Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (September 7, 2007)

An reader recently wrote in to ask why we didn't have a "sports" tab in our community forum, and as a pretty big sports fan myself, I was rather taken aback to realize we hadn't included one to start with — and that no one noticed earlier! So I'm happy to announce that forthwith all sports fans are hereby invited to discuss their favorite games, athletes, and obsessions here.

This is actually a pretty great time of year to start up a sports discussion. Piato already posted asking if there are any other NBA fans out there following training camp. Basketball is one sport I just can't get into. But the NFL kicks off opening day this Sunday — go Denver! — and a group of gay football fans in Atlanta are excited at the prospect of Joey Harrington being the team's starting quarterback this season. It's not hard to see why.

Several years ago Joey found himself embroiled in a bit of controversy when sports announcers Tony Siragusa, Dick Stockton, and Darryl Johnston had the following exchange about Harrington during a game:

Siragusa: Not a meat-and-potato guy but a very sophisticated man. That's as much as I can go into right now.

Johnston: More champagne and caviar than meat and potatoes?

Siragusa: Yeah, I wouldn't see him going and ordering a beer any time soon to tell you the truth.

Stockton: In other words, he may not be your kind of guy, Goose.

Siragusa: He's the kind of guy that's on the other side of the club than I am. He's over the with the champagne and caviar. And also the strawberries and chocolate, you know?

Um, yeah. We know. has the whole brouhaha.

Major League Baseball is headed into the final stretch of the regular season and this weekend is the finals of the US Open. Tennis machine Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick (again) to advance to the final four where he faces Nikolay Davydenko whom he will undoubtedly crush before winning yet another Grand Slam event.

If none of those topics spur your interest, then how about gay rugby players? Or perhaps the Dieux du Stade fellows?


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