Better with Age: 9 of Hollywood’s sexiest older men

Full Disclosure: Yes, my name is Rob Smith and I like older men. I like their confidence, the fact that they’ve grown into their looks, and the fact that they’re generally more put together than some of us younger guys. If I had to date another 26-year-old, I’d probably shoot myself. I don’t even know how my boyfriend deals with me sometimes!

The guys on this list epitomize what is great about older men in a lot of different ways. Some are downright sexy, some are devastatingly handsome, and some have a “hotness” that comes from a combination of the two plus a regal charm that only men of a certain age seem to be able to pull off.

So enough with High School Musical twinks and stick-thin underwear models, this one’s about the real men and those of us that love them!

Dennis Quaid

Rough, weathered, and still very sexy with a hint of his devilish younger charm, Dennis Quaid owns this list. At 56 he’s still got it, and by “it” I mean a body that most guys half his age would kill for and a smile that is still melting hearts of both genders after well over 20 years in the biz.

Quaid has done virtually all kinds of movies, but a role as a closeted husband and father in 1950’s suburbia (and Oscar-nom snub) in 2002’s Far from Heaven put him back on the map and led to a string of moderately successful action movies in which we got to see him either shirtless, sweaty, or both. Here’s hoping the trend continues with 2009’s G.I. Joe.


George Takei

George Takei has been on the scene for nearly 30 years (starting of course with Star Trek in the 70’s) but came on our radar when he came out a few years ago, and just recently married his longtime partner. In his interviews on the subject, he exudes an ease and confidence that simply cannot be faked, as well as a very appealing sense of humor about his days on the Starship Enterprise. George Takei has helped to give a public face both to gay marriage and to older gay men, and continues to work as an actor, most recently on NBC’s Heroes. Takei is a pioneer, role model, and happily married man. Honestly, what is sexier than that?


John Barrowman

I’m just going to go ahead and call John Barrowman the gay Tom Cruise (don’t go there). His classic looks, killer charm, and tall frame make him ideal leading-man material, and he owns Torchwood with a vengeance, using every tool in his arsenal to make his omnisexual (meaning males, females, and aliens are up for grabs) alien-hunter character infinitely watchable. While millions of gay fans wish they could wake up to that slightly crooked smile every morning, this one is taken too, having married architect Scott Gill 2 ½ years ago. Thankfully, you’ve got the Torchwood DVDs and show to satisfy your Barrowman fix.


 Richard Burgi

I’m not entirely sure what Richard Burgi has been appearing in these days besides my dreams*, but he is quite possibly one of the hunkiest actors north of 49 working in Hollywood today. This one caught my attention on the earlier seasons of Desperate Housewives, where producers were not shy about showcasing Burgi’s considerable assets as Susan’s ex-husband got himself into many ka-razy situations which somehow all seemed to involve very little clothing. (If ever there were an argument for more gays behind the scenes, that is it. Thank you, Mark Cherry.)

He also had a role in Hostel 2, and the fact that he managed to work multiple shirtless scenes into a film about 3 women being tortured overseas tells me that Mr. Burgi is well aware of where his appeal lies. I’m thinking somewhere between the neck and the navel.

* Turns out Richard Burgi is appearing in 2009’s Friday the 13th remake, combining my personal favorites of gory horror movies and hot older guys. I don’t know if it’s going to be Friday the 13th or Christmas.


John Slattery

Anderson Cooper has got some competition for his silver fox slot now, chiefly from this suave and slim actor who’s been seen on Sex and the City (Carrie’s kinky senator boyfriend) and Desperate Housewives (Gabby’s murderous governor boyfriend), and is currently bringing his special brand of sexy to AMC’s Mad Men. John Slattery isn’t an older jock or a hunky meathead, but the kind of charmer that could take you out on a romantic, classy evening in the city and have something to talk about besides the latest episode of The Hills. Guys like that never go out of style, and they truly do just get better with time.


Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood’s sexiness works in the Slattery mold, but a little beefier and dipped in chocolate. Underwood has made a smooth transition from his young and hunky LA Law days to his distinguished and sexy roles as of late, chiefly as a nefarious billionaire on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. His skin is silkier, his eyes more soulful, and the cocky swagger of his youth has been replaced by the smooth confidence of an older man who generally gets (and has gotten) what he wants. He is that rare hybrid of super-smooth, traditionally handsome, and undeniably sexy that drives women and men absolutely crazy.


Rob Estes

Ok, so I’ve been trying to stay away from the phrase “hot daddy” for many reasons, but this one plays a father of two on TV, so it’s okay, right? On the CW’s 90210 remake, Rob Estes is the hottest thing on the screen at all times, and that includes the parade of fresh faces on the show that are destined for the pages of Bop! from now until the show’s inevitable expiration date.

As a die hard fan of Melrose Place back in the day, I remember Rob being conventionally attractive, but not exactly what I’d call super-sexy. Well that was then, and this is now. Estes is stern, worked-out, and just all around hot on 90210, and his presence is more than enough of a reason to get those of us over 16 to check out the show. And if, after all that I’ve told you, you’re still embarrassed about watching 90210, you can just keep it between you and the DVR. Nobody has to know…


Richard Gere

What more is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Richard Gere has been driving all of us crazy ever since he showed us all of himself way back in 1980’s American Gigolo. Since then, he has come to epitomize the sort of classic good looks that never go away, but just sort of evolve and get better with time. We could all only wish to age as well or as gracefully as Mr. Gere, who is still one of the first names that comes up when anybody mentions hot guys of any age.


Rupert Everett

The tall, lean, outspoken and openly gay Rupert Everett was a natural pick for this list of hot older men, but his classic good looks, lean physique, and British accent are the least of what is truly sexy about him. Nope, what is sexy about this one is the fact that he obviously has a wicked sense of humor about himself and the world. Why else would he come clean about his early-career dalliances and dust ups with the divas in his 2006 memoir Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins?

His on-screen persona is alternately dapper and humorous, but his way with words and utter fearlessness in putting himself out there for the world to see are what solidify his place as one of the sexiest older men in Hollywood right now … and for many years to come.

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