Blogger recommended, hotness approved: Vote for the Hot 100

Spring has awakened, the flowers are in bloom and the boys jogging are wearing less and less! I like to call springtime "the battle of the bulge" … or at least my battle to not get caught staring at them as they run by. It’s like follow the bouncing ball, how can I not want to play along? 

Obviously I’ve got hotties on the brain and that could only mean one thing… 

The Hot 100! There’s still time to vote, so stop working (come on, the sun it out, no one expects much of you today) and vote for your Top 10!  If you’re in need of a little inspiration or eye candy to get you started, check out these other Top 10′s (Brian, Frank from !! omgblog !!). 

Here are the Top 10 guys I’m currently obsessing over.  It’s really hard to come up with a list of just 10 because there are so many different reasons for picking each person (some intellectual, some musical, some just for being hot business…). The list could go on and on so I beg of you to not be all judgy-judge on my picks but rather to share yours in the comments section.  Happy viewing, boys!

Brad Neely

10. Brad Neely (Animator/Artist, Wizard People, Dear Readers)

9. Joel McHale (Comedian, The Soup)

8. Tom Ford (Designer, Hotness)

7. Chris Carrabba (Musician, Dashboard Confessional)

Chris Carrabba


6. John Hamm (Actor, Mad Men)

5. Lee Pace (Actor, Pushing Daisies)

Kyle Chandler

4. Kyle Chandler (Actor, Friday Night Lights)

3. Jamie Bamber (Actor, Battlestar Galactica)

Adam Levine

2. Adam Levine (Musician, Maroon 5)

And my current #1 Hot Guy is…

1. Jensen Ackles (Actor, Supernatural)

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