Brad Goreski Reveals his “World” and Sets The Record Str8 on Zoe

Brad Goreski photographed by Clinton Gaughran for AfterElton

When Brad Goreski first became a part of our reality TV addiction on the first season Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project in 2008, there were probably more than a few of us (including some Bravo execs, no doubt) who said ‘That guy is going to get his own show someday.’ Besides his upbeat charm, fabulous style and, yeah, good looks, Goreski was also out and proud and made sure he used his new celebrity to lend a voice to such important causes as The Trevor Project. Now, with tonight’s premiere of his own reality show, entitled It’s A Brad, Brad World, Goreski has gone from being Zoe’s employee to starting his own styling business – as well as letting cameras into his personal life with longtime boyfriend, Gary Janetti.

Goreski recently invited AfterElton to hang out at his Hollywood studio to talk about his new show and also share the real scoop on his departure from Zoe’s company. (On her show this summer, Zoe said that Goreski left to slow his life down, but within a week was pursuing her clients.)

He also gives some sage advice for a proper fitting men’s suit, spills the beans on what obsession longtime client Jessica Alba teases him about, and a whole lot more! I’m guessing it wasn’t a big decision to do the show since you could probably see the impact that a series can have on your career after your experience with Rachel. Was it an easy decision?
Brad Goreski: It wasn’t actually. When I left Rachel, we had filmed for nine months for the third season and I was really, really tired. Everybody knew me as a personality and not so much as a stylist, and I really wanted to focus on my work and get what my impact would be out there.

I was initially going to do a makeover type of show because I didn’t know if I wanted to do a docu-soap. We were pitching a makeover kind of thing, and then when I met with Shed [Media], who is producing my show, they heard my pitch and they were like, ‘We would really like to see if you would be into doing a docu-soap’ because I think what people related to so much was seeing me go through so many firsts with Rachel. Like my first couple of weeks there, my first fashion week, my first Oscars, all of those things where people actually saw the struggles and also the excitement going with it. They were like, ‘We think it would be nice to continue seeing your firsts and what it is like for you on your own.’

Bravo has a tendency to show people right at the top of their game. Even though people knew who I was, I think the show showed that there are – and continued to be – definitely struggles in starting your own business and trying to make a name for yourself in a very competitive industry. Having filmed the show, I am really glad that I did it because it was an incredibly positive experience. I think it’s very authentic to what was happening in those months. And authentic to, I think, presenting a more well-rounded picture of who I am.

AE: You talk about Rachel in the first episode and you say you haven’t talked to her since you left. Is she still not in your life?
BG: Yes. It is unfortunate to me. So many people are so interested in asking what‘s been going on with me and her. I understand that, but it’s unfortunate to me. And I expressed this to her.

We had many lengthy conversations about me leaving and I was very, very adamant with her that … and I remember it was one of the first things I said to her was that I wanted to remain friends because I really do cherish the time that I worked with her. I loved being around her and I loved what I learned from her and the experiences that we had together.

It makes me kind of sad that she has chosen … and you know what I continually say to people, that I am not the one with the problem. I really feel honored to have gotten to work with her, and I just hope that maybe one day whatever it is that she feels I have done to her can be put aside. But I don’t know if that’s possible.

I was always very clear that I was going off on my own to be a stylist. I don’t know where it came from that I was going to leave the industry and disappear, because that wasn’t ever my intention.

AE: On the show, cameras are in your home and that could really take away your one sanctuary where you can get away from all of the madness. Was that tough for Gary to be okay with that?
BG: We are very private, and we are very much like homebodies and just like to hang out together. Our relationship is very normal. We get along. We love each other. We don’t bicker with each other that much. I really wanted to show a positive representation of us. I thought it was important to show a normal gay relationship.

He was of the mindset of being a little uncomfortable doing it but wanting to do it because there is kind of a bigger reason to be doing it. I remember on the first day of filming when everybody showed up and people just kept on streaming in, he was like, ‘I thought they were going to be like two cameras and the show runner!’

It was an entire crew, and people setting up. He was like, ‘This is a big thing.’ I am like, ‘Yes. We are filming a television show for a cable station. It is kind of a big production.’ He was so amazing. We agreed in the beginning [and] he said, ‘I will do this but I really want to make sure that while we are doing it, we are having fun. If we are not having fun, then you and I need to talk about what is going on and get back on track.’ I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ I think you will see as the season progresses we had a blast. We had such a good time doing it together. Where I think a lot of people might assume that it might be a strain on the relationship it actually really brought us closer together.

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