Breaking: Watch CNN’s Kyra Phillips Revisit Conversion Therapy. Says Cohen Wasn’t “Appropriate” Choice.

After a great deal of outcry, this morning CNN’s Kyra Phillips revisited the topic of "conversion therapy" and whether or not being gay is a medical condition that can or should be treated. To discuss the issue, this time the "expert" was an actual expert named Doctor Clinton Anderson from the American Psychological Association. Here is the segment.

Interestingly, at one point Phillips says she has a female friend whose parents are using the Bible to attack her sexuality. She also acknowledges that Richard Cohen was not the most appropriate person to discuss the issue, but she never explains why he wasn’t.

The end of the segment has Phillips discussing the reaction she received over her remarks and while I think it’s unfortunate and wrong anyone would say anything hateful, discussing it here seems a little disingenuous. Nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that Phillips and CNN revisited the issue and at least set the record “straight” on conversion therapy.

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