Langford on Soaps: Brian and Will Fight Over Sonny on “Days”

Lari learns the shocking truth on Secret Lives and what’s ahead for Ste on Hollyoaks. Also, will Felix find love on General Hospital?


Neighbours  (Australia) 

Chris is so under-utilized on this soap. Despite the show’s promises that the character would have a romantic life and fact that he shows interest in various men here and there, he’s really done very little in the dating department since he and Aidan split. Scotty doesn’t count since Chris wasn’t interested in him. And not only does Chris not seem to have a romantic future on tap, I’m not seeing where there would be room for one given all the new characters and stories that are currently dominating the show’s airtime. I do hope I’m wrong because it’s unreal that a nice guy like Chris wouldn’t be dating when everyone else around him is all about their love lives. It says much about the show’s commitment to this character. He should not be gay in-name-only. It’s true that Neighbours will always been hesitant about intimate scenes where Chris is concerned, which is a problem. But not giving Chris any love life at all is much worse.

As for what is going on with the show, I find Georgia unraveling about what happened with Scotty to be a bit much since she wasn’t in love with Scotty and would have dumped him for Kyle if given half the chance. Oddly enough, as much as he behavior doesn’t make sense, her coolness towards Chris is logical given the state of mind she’s supposed to be in. But I admit I didn’t know that she and Chris were that close that he would be so devastated by her not wanting to hang around him. I guess we’re supposed to believe they’re good pals now that Tash and Andrew have left town. BTW, does Chris have to be confidante to all the troubled teen girls in town? He’s a grown man with a full time job, you’d think he’d have better things to do. Though I guess dating other guys wouldn’t be one of them.

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

I think I might be taking a break from this show until we actually get a story about Seth and Henry. To be honest, this show’s writing and acting just isn’t all that good to endure sitting through scenes of them playing the backdrop to everybody else’s storylines. I thought the entire plot arc about Henry diverting Rachel’s phone calls and e-mails was not just stupid, but Henry should be fired, even if he was trying to help. And Rachel certainly should have a few choice words for Chris, who engineered the nonsense. Surely there must be some sort of policy about tampering with company e-mails and phone calls. I just thought that the whole thing was a massive violation of privacy that shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. Besides, couldn’t Rachel just say ‘I’m not taking any calls today and canceling all my meetings’ so she could finish this important project? I know, I know that makes sense in a nonsensical story.

As for Brooke becoming romantically interested in Seth, I’m not sure what any woman (or anyone at all to be honest) would find romantically appealing about this character. I’m failing to see why Henry was in love with him. My point is, the show really needs to flesh Seth out and give him some likable traits. Cause he’s really not a very pleasant character to be around. Overall though, this show needs to give their gay characters a story. Their gays have been integral parts of the hospital drama in the past so it’s time to do the same here.

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