Briefs: Eliza Coupe on the “Happy Endings” Struggles, Hugh Jackman on Rumors, and is Neil Patrick Harris Headed to “Survivor?”

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Henry Rollins (above), who is 52, Peter Gabriel is 63, Robbie Williams is 39, and Stockard Channing is 69.
  • Hugh Jackman talks about the gay rumors, and how they’re affecting his wife.
  • Eliza Coupe talks about Happy Endings and the ratings struggles: “It’s a running joke on set when we film something we all think is incredible that someone goes, ‘Oh man, that was so good — it’s too bad no one will ever see it.’ It’s the same as every year, we just never know. The network and the studio love the show, and they have been very good to us. They have given us a chance and kept us around for three seasons. Do we wish there was more publicity? Yeah. But it’s undeniable we’re making a great show. I just wish we had more of a push, and I really hope we get a fourth season — but that’s not up to me.”
  • Jeff Probst is talking about an all celebrity edition of Survivor, and Neil Patrick Harris has already thrown his hat into the ring.
  • AE reader and star of the terrific web series The Variants, Richard Neal, explains why he has decided not to stock those Orson Scott Card Adventures Of Superman comics in his store.
  • Below you can see the VERY NSFW Episode Three of Season Two of Old Dogs & New Tricks. Nathan is feeling the emotional and physical effects of his relationship with a young stud.

  • Mike Ruiz visits the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Shelter.

  • Below you can see the NSFW Episode 8 of Willam’s Beatdown.

  • Anderson talks to Libby Phelps Alverez about leaving The Westboro Church.

  • Congratulations to Banana Joe, who won Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

  • Anderson gets an in-depth interview

  • Here’s your Daily Matt Bomer™. Beautiful In Blue.

  • Continuing the Top 50 Movie Songs Of The 80′s! At #46 is … “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown, from Ghostbusters 2

  • One of the few bright spots from the turgid sequel Ghostbusters 2, “On Our Own” was also Bobby Brown’s greatest single. It entered the chart on June 10, 1989 and peaked at #2 (where it spent 3 weeks) on August 5th. See if you can name all of the 80′s celebrity cameos in the video. I think I got them all. ON OUR OWN.Tomorrow’s clue – “I am descending from heaven above”
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