“Brothers & Sisters” Episode 202 Recap: “An American Family”

Previously on Brothers and Sisters

First up, a quick clip of Nora, frantic on the phone.

Nora: It’s been 21 days and I haven’t heard a thing from him.

Let’s hope she’s talking about Justin. Otherwise, someone needs to get the woman a copy of He’s Just Not That Into You.

Next up we are treated to a quick shot of Jason breaking some bad news to Kevin.

Kevin: What were you doing with the Bishop so long?
Jason: He’s sending me on a mission to Malaysia.

Probably to pick up some more of those collarless granddad shirts. They must have an old-timey garment factory down there or something.

Then we cut to a shot of Kitty and Robert on a hotel bed somewhere. He wants to get romantic, but “kvetch” is the only leisure time activity she ever seems to be interested in these days.

Kitty: The minute the press found out that we were engaged I went from being a key player in your administration to your fiancée.

Oh come now, Kitty. Were you ever really a “key” player? And if you’d like to be a key player to McAllister in the future, it might grease the wheels a bit if you actually put out once in awhile.

The “previously” montage closes with a clip of that fateful kiss between Rebecca and Joe from last season. Rebecca still hasn’t told Sarah that she’s the one that instigated the kiss. Looks like the little homewrecker might actually come clean in this episode. Ooh, this could be good.

The episode now begins in earnest. And when I say earnest, I mean that literally. We are at a military funeral. A trumpeter is playing a dirge-like taps while a coffin draped with an American flag is being lowered into the ground. Either that or they’ve finally gotten around to dismantling the old Red, White & Blue talk show set, and they’re burying that atrocious daybed that used to be in Kitty’s dressing room.

No, it’s an actual funeral. Marines in dress uniform fire off a 21-gun salute. Meanwhile, on the golf course just over the hill 21 golfers keel over from friendly fire. Fore! That’s what you get for opening up a country club next to a military cemetery.

We see Senator McAllister and, next to him, a tearful Kitty blubbering fitfully. Girlfriend really needs to comb her hair.

The marines solemnly fold up the flag into a tight triangle and hand it to a woman. Her face is obscured, but from the angle we’re looking at it could easily be Momma Nora. Is this Justin’s funeral? Or is it simply a clever ratings stunt designed for the previews to make you think they’ve killed off Justin?

Well call me relieved. Turns out Senator McAllister and Kitty are attending a random soldier’s funeral. Funeral crashers! As their security detail frisks the grieving widow, McAllister comforts Kitty, who is all upset because they still don’t know exactly where Justin is, or when he’s coming home.

Imagine my shock when McAllister pipes up with “Good news honey – he’s landing in San Diego in an hour.”

Okay, it’s like a 16 hour flight from Baghdad. Seems like he could have told Kitty, Nora, et. al. this blessed news 14 hours ago. At least. Is the Senator a sadist?

Cut to the Walker mansion where Nora and Uncle Saul are expending their nervous energy baking bread. Nora isn’t kneading the dough so much as pummeling it. The phone rings. It’s Kitty who tells Nora they can go pick up Justin in San Diego tomorrow.

Across town, Kevin is at Sarah’s trying to open a jammed window. Now that househusband has flown the coop, Sarah needs some help around the house. Kevin is grunting and groaning while trying to unstick that window and gotta say, dude looks mighty fine in his Dockers. He must be doing his squats at the gym.

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