Carson Kressley Is “Gay Mitt Romney” And Why “DWTS” (And Bristol) Needs Him

Who’s your DWTS fan favorite? Carson Kressley, Sabrina Bryan Or Kyle Massey?

“I feel like the gay Mitt Romney,” said Carson Kressley about his current campaign to be voted in as the 13th celebrity on the upcoming Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars season next month on ABC. Kressley, who danced with Anna Trebunskaya and placed 8th during the 13th season, is hoping to get another chance to win the Mirrorball Trophy alongside previously announced names like Kirstie Alley, Pam Anderson, Gilles Marini, Emmitt Smith and Bristol Palin (we’ll get to her in a minute). Also vying against Kressley for that final fan favorite slot are Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan.

Kressley took time out from shaking hands, kissing babies and showing off his hot pants to talk to AfterElton about why fans should cast their votes and whether he can teach Palin a thing or two about the gays.

AfterElton: Was the decision to even agree to potentially come back a big one or did you know in a heartbeat?
Carson Kressley:
I loved doing Dancing with the Stars. I had so much fun doing it. I never imagined that they would have me back to the All Stars and when they said, ‘You’re one of the three fan favorite choices,’ (The others are Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan) I was just flattered and thrilled and thought, ‘Yeah, why not? Let’s have some more fun.’

AE: Let’s say you do get voted in, would you approach the competition differently since now you’ve been through it?
Well, the only thing I would do differently is try and dance better. And now that I have a little bit more experience, I was in the live show in Las Vegas for three months and I had a great dance partner who was a many times world champion. So I’m just practicing my Rumba and my Salsa and my Fox Trot and all those dances I never got to do on the show.

So, yeah, I think I would be a better dancer this time. And it’s just sort of great to have a second chance. It’s a very overwhelming show. It’s the most overwhelming thing I think I’ve ever done. To learn all of that information so quickly and then do it live in front of, like, 15 million people…and now I think I can take a breather and enjoy it and just be a better dancer. I would still have amazing costumes and I would camp it up and I would flirt with Bruno (Tonioli, judge) and Maks (Maksim Chmerkovskiy, dancer).

What Carson lacked in dance skill he made up for in personality on Season 13

AE: Does anything scare you about the competition, doing it again?
It is kind of scary because most of the people who are on the All Stars Cast have either won or were second on the show. You know, Apolo Ohno is a lot more intimidating than Nancy Grace, if you ask me, but anything could happen… if I can dance well, I think I’ll be just fine.

AE: Okay. Now, if you were allowed to pick your dance partner, who would you pick? I mean, you did great with Anna, but even if you could pick a guy, who would you pick?
If I could pick a guy, I would probably pick Maks. I mean, I’m sure it would be torture and I’ve joked about it a lot. He’s really passionate about what he does. I think he would be very, very good. I think we would look good together. I look good with tall Ukrainians. Who doesn’t?

AE: Of the people that were announced in the cast, who do you think is the All Star to beat?
Yeah. I was pretty good at predicting last time the season when I was on, and I think I predicted the winner of season 14. I think Emmitt Smith is going to be great. I think those pro athletes…and I think it was the same case with Donald Driver last season. They are just so competitive and so used to winning. They want to win so bad. And they’re athletes and they’re in perfect physical condition and they really understand their bodies. So I would say him or Apolo Ohno. I just think athletes have an edge. And they look so good with their shirts off.

AE: What do you think if they actually let guys dance with guys? Do you think it would take people out of the show too much or do you think that’s something we should try?
I certainly think that would cause a lot of dialogue and I think it would be great in that regard because there’re a lot of same sex couples out there and same sex marriages and I think that’s a part of society that’s real and should be represented. And then the other side of the coin is that ballroom dancing is kind of like ballet and all of the other art forms it is really about how pairing works. So, I don’t know, I guess we’d be game for it though.


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