Celebrity Twitterwatch: Halloween Horror Edition

You may be missing the point of a mask.

Here at Twitterwatch we spook easily. We like to spend our Halloween behind the computer where it’s safe, not out with things that go bump in the night. Fortunately, other people like scary stuff, and we can experience a virtual Halloween without trying to pretend we can pull off the Sexy Fireman costume.

I thought it might be funny if Scott Evans went as the Human Torch or Captain America for Halloween, as some sort of ironic commentary on the fact that his brother tends to play dress up even when it’s not Halloween. But that might be creepy in hindsight, and homemade costumes are always in fashion. That’s a nice use of glitter, but it doesn’t leave much mystery.

My version of a masquerade. hide your identity or completely show it. :-) http://twitpic.com/31hrfxless than a minute ago via Twitpic


It’s nice to know that if Trevor Donovan (who as we have seen can pull off the Sexy Fireman costume effortlessly) even went on a murderous rampage, it wouldn’t be with a knife. Though I’m not sure this is a perfect comparison, because those juice boxes can be tough.

I don’t think I could ever stab someone. I have a hard enough time getting the straw in a juice box.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Conan O’Brien may not be harboring any rage issues over the way NBC treated him, but his kid seems to be upset about something. Of course we don’t know what the pumpkin was carved to look like – maybe it was Jay Leno, maybe it wasn’t.

As my 5 year-old son and I carved the pumpkin today, I swear I heard him say, “That’s what happens to snitches.”less than a minute ago via web


Wil Wheaton is a proud geek, but I had no idea that he was the kind of geek that got into the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Upon hearing that MTV was also eyeing a remake of the classic film, he had some scary words for the brass at the channel.

Dear MTV: Keep your dirty hands off my Rocky Horror Picture Show, or I will kick you in your nuts. I will do it nine times. My best, Willess than a minute ago via web


This strangely isn’t a costume.

I’ve been reluctant to feature out pop star Will Young as part of Twitterwatch, because I had no way to verify the account. But a recent flash of unusual pictures has been posted on the account, and they’re so not part of his public persona that I’m fairly confident that this is Will. And in the picture above, this is Will and his father, who keeps bees.

My father has bees…. We are not dressing up for fun (it was fun though) http://yfrog.com/7bkadejless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


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