Celebrity Twitterwatch: Toasting Chris Colfer, NPH Trims David’s Tree, and Russell Tovey Can Pop Down My Chimney Anytime

Klaus should really indulge his appetites more.

Welcome back to Celebrity Twitterwatch, where we try and make sense of what the beautiful people are talking about, or at least create a narrative thread more coherent than the plot of the Glee Christmas episode.

Joseph Morgan is a big part of the reason that there are no unwatched episodes of The Vampire Diaries on my DVR, while shows I’ve loved for years like Supernatural languish for weeks going on months. He proves that it’s possible to play a powerful, ancient baddie with an understated, quiet menace. I just wish he spent more time out of his clothes. I can’t wait for his brothers to pop up, but for now I’ll just go with this image.

I’m not surprised that Dave Salmoni prefers animals to humans in any way. But I think the definition of weird needs to be discussed – are we talking Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine weird, or some of those creepy cave fish weird? Because the later freaks me out as much as people.

Speaking of animals and laughter, my future ex-husband Russell Tovey seems infinitely amused by his evil creature’s tendency to stink up the place. I can assure you, while I find a fart as funny as the next guy, once we’re married, the feline will be placed outside, Flintstones-style, for such behavior.

Since Adamo Ruggiero needs to avoid laughter, might I suggest he try watching Tim Allen‘s Last Man Standing instead? Or the American version of The Office?

LZ Granderson has a point – Herman Cain‘s political career may have been the greatest comedic performance of the year, perhaps the decade. Now if only the other candidates didn’t make me want to cry.

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