Celebrity Twitterwatch: “What Are the Stars Watching?” Edition

Shouldn’t it be raining glitter?

Here at Twitterwatch, mostly what we watch is celebrities. We don’t really get out to the theater, or sit back in or recliners watching movies. We stare at a continuous stream of tweets, just hoping that something funny will cross our screen to share with you.

When Randy Rainbow, met Miss Coco Peru, he had nothing but good things to say about her show, which I’m betting means she had nothing but bad things to say in her show. But the fun kind of bad things, best said over martinis.

Ooh @themisscocoperu gave me such glittery brilliance tonight. I’m still kvelling. http://plixi.com/p/55669847less than a minute ago via Echofon


I assuming that Gavin Creel is talking about the opening of Pee Wee’s Playhouse on Broadway, but his phrasing made me giggle, because I’m 12-years-old.

was reunited with my Pee Wee tonight.less than a minute ago via web


Poor Kurt Hummel keeps feeling more and more alone in his world. But even I have some understanding on how no one would show up to your party if it had the wrong theme. Who said that gays had an instinct for party planning?

I threw a “Goldie Hawn-a-thon” last week! No one came.less than a minute ago via web


Meanwhile, Russell Tovey continues to play with stereotypes. One day he’s talking about being a regular bloke, and the next he’s squealing with excitement about seeing Legally Blonde the Musical. And you have to think, with those ears, he really enjoys a musical.

Off to Legally Blonde the musical tonight!!!! How butch!!? Can’t wait xless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Geoff the Robot evidently gets to go home after he tapes the show with Craig Ferguson. And much like his voice unit, it sounds like he’s got a thing for the hot, sexy men.

Ideal Sunday nite. Sherlock and tweet dreams of tomorrow’s @craigyferg show with hunkalicious Mr Tom Selleck. Say it with me: Oh my…less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad


Ross Matthews must watch a lot of HGTV. Because when he spots someone he knows shopping for a house, he makes it sound like it was inevitable.

It finally happened. I actually personally know the couple house hunting on HGTV. #FullCircleless than a minute ago via Twitterrific


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