Charlie Weber on “Warehouse 13″, “Buffy” and Riding Naked on an Elephant

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Last night actor Charlie Weber turned up on Warehouse 13 as Liam Napier, who we discover is the former boyfriend of gay warehouse agent Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore). That was more than enough excuse to grab the handsome Charlie for a photo shoot in Los Feliz, California. We also spoke with Weber about his guest role, his former career as a male model, his very memorable stint on the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more!

The Backlot: We’re talking to Charlie Weber of Warehouse 13, and my first question is just what makes you think you’re good enough for our little Jinksie?

Charlie Weber: [laughter] I don’t know that I am. I think that’s why he left me.

I don’t know, I think the episode kind of bears out that you weren’t the problem.

Oh, no. Circumstances around his new job are the reasons we didn’t work out. Apparently given what we went into with our conversations we had a pretty good thing going before he was tapped to work for the crew.

One of the things that struck me is that you’re both federal agents, and Jinks is obviously fairly reserved, but you came off as fairly reserved as well. Does that work in a relationship?

I don’t know. I think you need to have things in common, but for me, finding someone who has things you don’t possess is always a good thing, to fill gaps in your own self. But we were both like-minded individuals given the jobs that we did, and that’s probably how we ended up together.

Of course for viewers who haven’t seen it yet, you are a U.S. Marshall working a case that the Warehouse team shows up for. When you two meet, it’s awkward to say the least. Is that easy to do when you’re new on the set and meeting your ex for the first time?

You try to put yourself in that place and play that emotion. We’ve all had that moment when you bump into an ex, and it can be a pretty disturbing thing. But Liam, U.S. Marshall, has a job to do, and so he deals with that awkward moment when Steve is suddenly there. My character is busy with a case, and has a job to do, and he’s just trying to move forward with the case when his ex is there.

This being Warehouse 13, Jinks can’t really tell you why he’s on the case, and that reticence feeds into the way that you two broke up.

Exactly. Just one day, he was gone. And now he won’t even tell me what he’s doing, which is why he left in the first place. It’s frustrating.

Charlie Weber and Aaron Ashmore
Weber (left) with Aaron Ashmore in Warehouse 13

I’m going speculate that our viewers are going to be upset at the lack of physical affection between you and Steve, but in a way, it fit the characters, didn’t it?

It really does. When I read the script, nothing was omitted. They were in a serious relationship, and there’s a lot going on with the case. To bump into each other in this situation, there’s so much going on with these two people, emotional turmoil, I think it worked nicely the way we shot it.

I quizzed Jack Kenny about the final scene with you and Aaron as the case is wrapping up, with police and ambulances everywhere, and I was convinced that there was a hug between the two of you that ended up on the editing room floor, and he assures me that that wasn’t the case. But you guys played it like there was a hug. Did you choose to play that.

We did choose that. It was a nice moment between two people who have a past. We suddenly got each other and why Jinks did what he did, and we’re in a better place now. It was a nice moment when everything wrapped up.

 Except it’s not wrapped up. Have you seen the completed episode?

I have not.

I don’t know if you were on set for it or not, because there’s the final scene back at the inn, and we find out that you hooked up with Steve.


You weren’t aware your character had a one night stand with his ex?

I don’t remember that. I wonder if they read that or if they threw that in. I don’t know.

You had a really, really good goodbye is the way it was put.

That’s fantastic.

[Note: We asked EP Jack Kenny about it, and he says that Charlie might not have read the scenes he wasn’t in, because the hookup was in the original script.]

Now Warehouse 13 isn’t the only thing you’ve done. One of your biggest roles was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Ben on season five, who had quite a relationship with Buffy. You were demon possessed.

That’s right. Glory, the villain of that season, lived inside of me, and she found a way to get out, and that was the source of the mayhem that season.

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