Christian Antidormi of “Spartacus” Talks Caesar Rape and Taking Down Crixus

Christian Antidormi went to big heights the final Spartacus season as young Tiberius.

Only two episodes left to go for the Starz series Spartacus: War Of The Damned, and if you think the testosterone mix of blood, sex and tears is going to go out quietly, you’re mistaken in a big way.

In the previous episode, we saw our gay brother Agron (Dan Feuerriegel) tragically fall during battle, but it may have been an even bigger shock when Crixus, played by hunky Manu Bennett, died at the sword of young Tiberius, or “Tibby” as fans on this site have taken to calling him.

Will Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) and his remaining crew get their revenge on Tibby, Caesar (Todd Lasance) and Tibby’s father, Cassus (Simon Merrells)? Or will they continue to fall one by one until next week’s series finale?

For a glimpse into where we’ve been and what’s to come in War Of The Damned, I spoke with 20-year old Aussie actor Christian Antidormi, to talk about being a part of this epic series, that infamous Caesar rape scene and posing in a bathtub for a new photo book.

AE: You definitely had both physical challenges and emotional challenges on the show. How did it change you as an actor?
It was some of the most challenging work that I’ve ever done. In saying that, it was the most satisfying as well. I love a challenge and being able to physically test yourself on screen and off screen and to be able to explore depths in a character that you can only ever dream of portraying, that was such a great challenging experience for me. To be able to do that at my age, I feel very fortunate.

AE: Tiberius does some things that are not so nice, like raping two different people over the course of the show. Did you see him as a villain?
I didn’t really portray Tiberius as a villain. I think that’s what was so interesting about this final season is that both sides – the rebels and the Romans – had taken matters in such a way where it was really hard to distinguish who was in the wrong, who was bad and who was good.

Both sides were willing to do so much or willing to do anything to achieve their goal. I think with Tiberius, he was an eager and determined kid who was just willing to prove himself in his father’s eyes. As challenges were placed in front of him, his motivation just pushed him to really go above and beyond, and clearly was willing to do some pretty nasty things to get what he needed to get.

How did Tiberius tame his nemesis, Julius Caesar (Todd Lasance)? Rape!

AE: Let’s talk about the rape of Caesar. It was so intense to watch, but how was it to film such a scene?
It was pretty hard to prepare for something like that. I was grateful to be working with such an amazing actor and person in Todd [Lasance] and T.J. [Scott, director] for directing that brutal scene. It was a challenge, and we really needed to put all of our consciousness aside for that role and just really be in that moment and just prepare ourselves.

There were little moments, like the guards, when they placed a bit of assault on Todd before it happened, that was quite brutal physically in itself. I think that sort of helped to put it all into perspective. We both sort of felt like we were lost out of our bodies at that time [and] we were just completely immersed in the characters. I guess that was pretty intense. I guess at the end of the day, gratifying to have achieved.

AE: How did you and Todd work together throughout most of the season? Most of the time Tiberius and Caesar are butting heads. Do you kind of stay distant from each other or…?
We were very close throughout the entire season. I sort of saw him as an older brother to me. We trained together on and off set. We’d be constantly going over our lines and work shopping different ideas.The relationship between myself and Caesar and Crassus was such a crucial triangular element of the show that it really needed to be finessed. It was so good that we could have such a close camaraderie together and work off each other’s ideas. That was great.

Only 20 years old, Antidormi has surely made himself noticed on the final Spartacus season.

AE: Where do we see Tiberius and Caesar moving forward in these final episodes?
Basically, at the end of [the last episode, 308], after such a pivotal moment in the entire series of Spartacus in the death of Crixus and after what happened between myself and Caesar, you can tell that there is really only one step to go in achieving the goal of Rome. And that is to defeat Spartacus.

For Caesar, there is a bit of a hidden goal. He does want to ultimately get payback at Tiberius. That’s such a brutal thing to have done to anyone in Roman days. In those days, rape from a male to a male was considered a dominance thing. It was considered something that they would use to show who was more powerful. I think in [the next episode, 309], he’s definitely got a trick up his sleeve for Tiberius, and he’s willing to try to send him to his doom.

Also, gauging by the teaser trailer for episode 309, when Caesar is willing to trade 500 rebel soldiers captured in battle for Tiberius’ life…considering the relationship he has with Crassus, that’s a pretty big moment in the episode. It’s going to be quite controversial I think.


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