Black Friday Blitz: 15 Gay Celebs Celebrating Christmas In Gay Apparel


I hope Black Friday isn’t ruining your life. Did you honestly spend time standing in line for a new Xbox or a new cowl-neck sweater or something? Weird.

Today should be a joyous occasion because it’s the official start of the Christmas season. To help propel you through the sales of Bleak Friday, here are 15 wonderful gay celebs in wonderful gay apparel.

1. Chris Colfer elfing it up.Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Naya are Gleeful Elves

2. Andrew Rannells sticks to Hanes catalog simplicity. (RIP The New Normal.)

3. Adam Lambert is both Santa and Carmen Sandiego. I cropped out his BF for your pleasure.


4. NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight is hangin’ (mistletoe) tough.


5. Neil Patrick Harris woos Harold and Kumar in this holiday fantasia.



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