Critics’ Roundtable: “Teen Wolf”


With the chart-topping ranks the men of Teen Wolf found themselves at in this year’s Hot 100 readers’ poll, it’s obvious that Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman and Keahu Kahuanui are favorites.

But how is the actual show doing?

The MTV werewolf drama kicked off season 3 recently, so we gathered a few critics together to  talk about the creative strength of the show, how the new cast additions (Charlie and Max Carver) are doing and who we’d like to see more of.

Making up this Roundtable  is Damian Holbrook (Senior Writer, TV Guide Magazine), Heather Hogan (Senior Editor,, Andy Swift (Senior Entertainment Editor, and our own Entertainment Reporter, Jim Halterman.       

Is this the kind of puppy love that is better suited for Scott (Tyler Posey)?

The show has pulled back on the Scott/Allison love story considerably compared to earlier seasons. Do we need more of that or are you not missing it?

Heather Hogan: No, we do not need more of it. No, I am not missing it. Teen Wolf‘s biggest problem has always been that it doesn’t know what to do with its female characters. Lydia spends most of her time screaming and crying. Allison spends most of her time making out with Scott or looking like the saddest beagle puppy in a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial because she’s not making out with Scott. I mean, Allison has all the makings of a true Batman. She’s got the skills, the gadgets, the money, the dead family. She should be out fighting the forces of evil all the time like she did in [last] week’s episode, not staring out the window pining away for the moment when Scott will climb up onto her roof and/or rescue her form the clutches of death.

Damian Holbrook: I actually don’t miss it. I like the idea of Scott being on his own so that he can evolve into the Alpha he is going to be. Plus, I find it very interesting what they’re setting up between Allison and Isaac, given Scott’s friendship with Isaac. Well see if there is a bro code among werewolves.

Andy Swift: I don’t miss the angst of Scott and Allison struggling to stay together, but I do miss their relationship. It was nice when it felt like Scott had something to fight for — even when he was literally fighting HER. Also, I wanted to reach through my TV and strangle Scott when he was getting all weepy about Allison on the season premiere. (You’re a wolf, damn it! Start acting like one!) In short, I’d like to see them back together, but without complications.

Jim Halterman: As is evident with this week’s new episode, I like the start of the love triangle with Isaac and what that will do for Scott, who obviously still has feelings for her. That triangle looks like it’s going to take its time, and I’m find with that. Still, I would like to see Scott and Allison hooking up with someone! I mean, these are young, hot people. Let’s see them get on top of other young, hot people.

teen-wolf-holland-roden-dylan-obrienShould Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) have moved on from Lydia (Holland Roden), like, yesterday?

Do Stiles and Lydia just need to jump each others bones already?

Heather Hogan: I have a hard time imagining Stiles jumping any girl’s bones. And I’m not saying that because Sterek fandom has me chained up to a car battery like a regular old Derek Hale. Before Teen Wolf‘s slash fandom really took off, before I’d even heard the phrase “Sterek,” I was always hard pressed to believe that Stiles wanted to do it with chicks. His main deal has always been saving Scott from himself and saving the world with Derek. Sure, he was cute sharing a Reese’s with Lydia at that ice skating rink, but even then, the thing I was shipping was chocolate and peanut butter.

Damian Holbrook: No not yet! These two are the Xander and Cordelia of Beacon Hills, So I feel like they need one more season of simmering and earning the hookup. Granted, Stiles may need to have sex with someone soon if they are really killing virgins in town now, But it would be so great if he actually lost his V card to someone else and we saw Lydia get jealous of that. Besides, she’s going to be busy with one of the Alpha twins, Which could give Stiles the chance to play her hero if it goes horribly awry, which we know it will. I foresee a season finale moment of romantic reckoning for these two.

Andy Swift: Oh, Stiles. That boy’s been barking up the Lydia tree for so long, and with such minimal results, that I’m almost over it. Like most fans, I’ve resorted to shipping him with Derek (#TeamSterek!!!) and have forgotten about Stiles and Lydia entirely. However, if this new killer is really targeting virgins, then I’d LOVE for Lydia to sleep with Stiles. You know, just to make sure he’s safe.

Jim Halterman: I never got the Stiles/Lydia thing. It always felt to me like he was into her because he’s the other main dude and she’s the other main girl. And, come on, even seeing Stiles almost get some with the virgin who would end up dead was more exciting than anything I’ve seen with Lydia.

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