Damon Wayans Jr. and Eliza Coupe Want More “Happy Endings” Onscreen Sex

During the latest TCA, AfterElton had the chance– make that pleasure– of sitting down with several of the stars of ABC’s Happy Endings. Last week we shared our joint interview with Adam Pally and Casey Wilson.

This week we have two of their hilarious co-stars, Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. who play married couple Jane and Brad on the ABC sitcom.

It turns out this pair have nearly as much chemistry in real life as they do on screen. Check
out what they had to say about their show getting picked up for a second season, Damon getting hit on by gay fans, Eliza’s OCD and more!

AfterElton: So Eliza, in addition to your work on Happy Endings, I’m also a big fan of you from your Scrubs

Eliza Couple: Aw, thanks!

AE: And I want to know, how come you keep ending up with
these wonderfully delirious characters? Are you drawn to them or do these sorts of parts come
to you?

EC: I wrote a one-person show and I did it in 2006 and it
was a bunch of different characters, so that’s kind of my thing. I like doing a
bunch of different characters, but this crazy, more
neurotic thing is my forte I guess. I don’t know.

AE: What part of you relates to those characters?
EC: Well, I have all my neuroses as well and they are
similar, but they manifest themselves differently than the way my characters’ quirks do.
I’m a little more…

Damon Wayans Jr.: OCD?
EC: Yeah, I’m very OCD in real life, so I think that plays
into my characters. And then I tweak it to make this outlandish character.

AE: Now you guys got your happy ending by getting a second

EC: I know.

AE: How nervous were you? [to Damon] You might have been less nervous
because you had a fall back show.

DWJ: I did?

EC: You did!

[Wayans had a part in the New Girl pilot. His character had to
be written out of that show when Happy Endings got picked up for a second

AE: You’re as bad as Adam.
I know, I am, I am.

AE: Adam says these things with a complete straight face.
DWJ: Yeah, yeah, I did. I had a back up plan, but my heart
was always with Happy Endings. I was just so happy when I found out the news. I
always find out last. Everyone else gets the call…

EC: I feel like I find out first.

DWJ: Yeah?

EC: I always find out first.

DWJ: Yeah, I found out last. Everybody celebrated and stuff,
and I was like “Yeah!” And they were like, “Dude, we already knew like two weeks

EC: My manager called me and she had read it on Nikki Finke,
and that’s how she knew. That’s how my manager got the information. She was
like, “We don’t know the final word, that’s not the final word yet.” So that’s
how I found out.

AE: We you sitting on pins and needles?
EC: Yeah, big time. I wanted to know. It’s nerve-wracking
not knowing.

DWJ: It’s ridiculous. And the mind games you play with
yourself. You’re like, “that never happened” and you have to pretend that it
never happened. It’s the weirdest thing and it will make you go crazy.

EC: You have to act, like you have to go on with your life
and my thing is every time I go on with my life and make plans and set plans
for things, then that’s when something happens. If I sit around and wait for it
it’s like watching a pot never boil, that’s what my mother says. I do sit there
and watch pots boil. I actually do sit there and wait.

DWJ: That’s one of her OCDs.

EC: It’s one of my things. I actually watch the kettle boil.
I ended up chopping all my hair off thinking this show is never going to come
back. I need a whole new thing, chopped all my hair off and they were like
you’re coming back, and I was like, “Yeah!”

AE: I’ve seen so many shows come and go because of my job. This is one of those shows that I liked from the beginning. I was excited
about the show; we gave it a good review. We put up the first episode the day
after it aired, and I’m not kidding within two hours it had like 50 comments of
our readers going crazy for it. And not just for the Max character. I just want
both of you to know that you have big gay fan bases.

DWJ: I love it.

EC: Bring it! I love it.

DWJ: I get approached a lot too.

EC: Do you? Yeah you do, I bet you do! (Laughs)

DWJ: I get hit on, I get hit on.

EC: I’d hit on you.

AE: I can understand that.

DWJ: They grab my butt.

EC: Yeah!

DWJ: No, they don’t.

AE: Please tell me they don’t.
DWJ: No they don’t.

AE: I interviewed Top Chef’s Johnny Luzzini, do you watch Just

EC: Yes.

DWJ: Yes.

AE: I asked Johnny how he knew he had a gay fan base. He
laughed and said, “when I started getting naked pictures in my email.

EC: Oh my God!

DWJ: Nice!

EC: There you go.

AE: Ok, on behalf of my people allow me to apologize.
EC: (Laughs)

DWJ: (Laughs)

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