Dance, Van, dance! Van Hansis helps bring “Dance Dance Revolution” to the stage

Working on As the World Turns hasn’t stopped Van Hansis from doing double duty in theatre before. He previously was part of an off-Broadway production of Charles Busch‘s Die Mommie Die! and now he’ll be working on a stage adaptation of the camp-tastic video game Dance Dance Revolution.

If you’re not familiar with DDR, it’s a game where players are expected to step on footpads in time to music. The game features plenty of dance music including gay fave performers like Kylie Minogue along with hilarious dance covers of classic songs like "Have You Ever Been Mellow" and "Smoke on the Water" (and then there’s one song that features the "Boy on Boy Mix").

The stage adaptation will keep up the game’s campy sensibility. It’s set in an Orwellian society where a dance prophet named Moonbeam Funk helps dancing youth gangs rebel against a fascist goverment. The company working on the show describes it as "like Footloose set in the future — but kind of scarier, and with 40 really attractive, barely-clothed young actors and buckets of free beer."

I haven’t wanted to see a show so badly since I heard the words "Xandadu On Broadway".

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