Deep Tweets: 10 Twitter Gays On Everything From DOMA to Alec Baldwin



Every once in awhile we need to stop and reflect on a very eventful week. This strikes me as one of those weeks.

Here are 10 Twitter gays who parse everything from Alec Baldwin‘s idiocy to DOMA’s super-idiocy in under 140 characters. I snuck some non-topical Twitter commentary in there too, for balance’s sake.


Nick Stadler tries his best to understand Alec Baldwin and, by default, ourselves.

On the day DOMA and Prop 8 struck down, Bryan Safi attempted to understand the inner dialogue of gay marriage opponents. We salute him.

 Chris Schleicher‘s home is thankfully un-broken.

Richard Lawson tells you the truth. No, “a” truth.

Dave Holmes diplomatically approaches those pro-DOMA mouthbreathers.

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