Desperately Backpedaling Susan: A sneak peek at the Wisteria gays

Here's some more scoop for you Desperate Housewives fans. No, we don't know who will be playing Wisteria Lane's new gay couple, but we do know what their introduction will be like, as well as their previously reported "awkward first meeting" with Susan (Teri Hatcher).


According to early peeks, the two fellas are named Bob Hunter and Lee (no last name as of yet), and they have moved to the idyll of the suburbs from the noise and crime (and fancy restaurants) of the city with their beloved dog, Raphael.

When Susan meets the gents, she at first doesn't get what they mean when they say that they're "partners" and then goes on to stuff both Jimmy Choos in her mouth when noting that she knows all about gays from watching cable and commenting that gays can't have kids, so a dog is likely the best substitute. When Susan misunderstands that there may be three men living in the house (it's really the dog they're referring to), Lee quips that they're "gay Mormons."

Nothing Earth-shattering, but we at least know that the new gaybors are displaced city folk (with a dark past, perhaps?) and that Bob seems much more willing to give the Stepford Wives routine than the more bristly Lee. And of course, in this age of rewrites, foilers, and the like, this could all change in the next twenty seconds.

We'll keep you posted when we learn more!