Dishing the GLAAD Awards

At Saturday night’s 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, had the chance to catch up with a few of your favorite writers, actors and reality stars to get the scoop on what you can expect down the road from them and their shows. We spoke with Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry as well as Shawn Pyfrom, better known as the gay (or is that bisexual?) Andrew, the son of desperate housewife Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross). Jesse Brune from Work Out dished about his co-workers, and J.P. Calderon of Survivor and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency talked about what an amazing year it’s been for him.


Desperate for More Andrew

More than one gay fan of Desperate Housewives has been disappointed in Andrew’s reduced stature this year. While it’s nice he’s no longer quite the budding psychopath from the first two seasons, it’s frustrating to see him reduced to little more than a bus boy in the Scavos' pizzeria. So what might next season hold for Andrew?

According to Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry, “I think that he’ll have some interesting gay adventures. Right now we’re just winding down Season 3, but in June the writing staff gets together and we’ll talk about that. But you know, he’s had such a tame year, it’s time to kind of juice him up again.”

After gaining such notoriety in the first two seasons as primetime television’s most notorious — and sexually active — gay teen, Andrew’s sexuality has been all but nonexistent this season. And one unanswered question is whether Andrew is actually gay or bisexual, an issue about which Andrew has occasionally given conflicting answers.

Regarding that, Cherry says, “That’s a debate I’m going to have with the writers. A lot of writers feel that sometimes young boys say 'bisexual' because that’s 'a stop on the way to gay town.' But you know, I actually think it might be fascinating if Andrew experiments, as long as we have some interesting complications from that. I know that so many gay teenagers do 'try it' just to please their parents. So we’ll see. Something shocking would happen as a result.”

What does actor Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Andrew, think is the truth about his character’s sexuality? “I really don’t even know at this point. I mean, he did make that statement [that’s he’s bisexual]. I think he’s a little more gay than he is straight, though.”

Pyfrom says he doesn’t know what is going to happen with his character next season, or whether or not Andrew will find another boyfriend. About that he thinks, “that’s what the viewers want, or from what I’ve heard, maybe what the viewers want and for the character that may be interesting.”

The actor, however, isn’t quite so keen on that happening. When asked about whether he wants Andrew to start a new relationship, Pyfrom said, “for Shawn the heterosexual male, you know, I’m kind of glad that he doesn’t have a boyfriend.” Pyfrom describes filming those love scenes as “a little awkward.”

Working it on Work Out

The second season of Bravo’s hit reality show Work Out has had plenty of drama this season ranging from the tragic loss of out trainer Doug Blasdell to the unexpected showmance between Sky Sport and Spa owner Jackie Warner and previously straight trainer Rebecca. In a recent episode, Jackie and out trainer Jesse Brune even had a falling out over the matter. But according to Jesse, all is well now and “we’re fine; we were both giving each other hugs the other night after a couple of drinks.”

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