Doug Blasdell: Work Out’s Openly Gay Role Model

EDITOR’S NOTE: Doug Blasdell passed away unexpectedly in January, 5 months after this interview. Our deepest condolences go out to his friends and family.

At forty-three years of age, Doug Blasdell may be the oldest trainer working at Sky Sport and Spa, the setting of Bravo's latest entry into the reality show sweeps, but it's the younger trainers who work to keep up with him. recently had the opportunity to talk with him about the kind of role model he wants to be, the sexual tension permeating the gym, and which trainer got fired from the show.

AfterElton: Where are you from, Doug?
Doug Blasdell:
Here in Los Angeles. I was born at St. Joseph's in Burbank. I did my high school in West Lake Village. My senior year, I moved up to Northern California, but I came back to USC and got my business degree in 1988.

AE: So that makes you?
I'm forty-three. I'm the oldest guy on the show by eleven years. I'm the daddy of the show. Or the big brother. But it was fun.

AE: Three out of eight characters on WorkOut are gay. How did that happen?
I think it's a great thing. It's a beautiful thing because it really focuses on being gay and the gay community in general. The people they picked represent our community very well. I mean, there's drama, of course. There is in any community. But the three of us give different examples of what it is to be gay. And none of it is negative. There's nobody voted off. It's about taking care of yourself and eating right. It really is about being a trainer. Yeah, we drink alcohol, but the show represents healthy living. Physically and emotionally.

AE: Are you going to watch the show?
I don't know if I'm gonna watch it by myself. I'll probably sink low into the couch, put my hands over my face and look through my fingers.

AE: Why do you think working out and gay life go hand-in-hand?
First of all, I've been training for 22 years. And if there's anything that goes hand in hand with trainers and working out, it's sex. Everything revolves around sex. The clients talk about it. The trainers are talking about it. When you get good looking people with nice body and loads of testosterone together, there's going to be a lot of sexual tension.

And with gay men, well, that even takes it to another level. Gay men are sexual human beings. And look where we are–in Hollywood! All the magazines, everything, it's about sex. Who's with who? Half of my clientele are big stars. I would love to tell you who I train, but I can't. But they're always talking about sex, getting married, breaking up, messing around with this one or that one. It's part of Hollywood.

AE: But you don't come across as that shallow.
There are a lot of shallow people in LA. I would really like to say that my personality, well, I've always considered myself a small town boy who grew up in a big city. I've always seem to have kept my head on my shoulders. A lot of that has to do with my mom and dad dying early in my life.

AE: Back to the show, who did you most connect with?
I'm really close to Brian. We do something every day now. Our friendship has really grown. Jesse and I are sort of close too. In the show, when Jesse originally comes in, none of us really felt threatened. We were just surprised there was another character on the show. Jesse tried really hard to fit in fast. And he stepped on some toes.

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