Driven to Distraction video blog (Ep. 21): Chicks with Flicks

Dennis is at the Fairfax cinema with Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker, producers and co-directors of a powerful new documentary called Training Rules. The film looks at homophobia in women’s sports, particularly the Penn State women’s basketball program, where coach Rene Portland had a well publicized and unapologetic "no lesbians" policy for 27 years. As Dennis says, Coach Portland makes for the best screen villain since Cruella DeVille.

You can find out more about this film at

Later, Dennis speaks with Ibby Carothers about Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. This film won the Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary at this year’s OUTFEST, and vividly presents the life of a lesbian couple that finally marries after 42 years as a couple.

Edie & Thea will air on Sundance this winter, and you can find out more about the film via Facebook page.

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