Eight Summer Shows Without Gays That You Should Watch Anyway

Just weeks ago, AfterElton’s Great Gay brought us some prime choices for gay-themed summer programming for when it’s too hot to go outside. You know, television to tide us over until Glee, Brothers & Sisters and Paula’s Best Dishes return in the fall.

Don’t judge me for that last one.

But believe it or not, there are some summer shows sans homo that are also worth watching.

Take a minute to let that sink in. I was shocked, too.

Here are eight possibilities – some suggested by readers like yourself, because you do have fine taste after all. And, to ensure your viewing pleasure is the best possible experience, I’ll let you know the quality of the program (AKA how hot the male leads are as well as the quality of the actual show) on a scale of one to five hot summer lifeguards.

Grab your remotes and let’s get started!

Hot in Cleveland

TV Land – premieres Wednesday, June 16 at 9/8c

The Rundown: Three 50-ish L.A. ladies (including Valerie Bertinelli) experience an unexpected stop in Cleveland, Ohio on their way to Paris. There they discover that they are still hot stuff. The trio decide to stay and rent a house shared with – wait for it – Betty White.

Why watch? Did I mention that Betty freaking White is in it? I mean, add cheesecake, call someone Pussy Cat and you have Golden Girls 2.0.

Eye Candy: Remember the Dukes of Hazzard? No, the one from way back? Well, John Schneider was on that and was mighty fine in the day, I hear. He’s not looking so bad now either.

Rating: 4 summer lifeguards

Friday Night Lights
(NBC – Fridays at 8/7c)

The Rundown: I could never bring myself to watch a sport game all the way through (something my mother deeply resents) but I am in love with this fan favorite centered on a high school football coach, his team and their community in Texas. Imagine Dynasty but with a hotter, younger cast and way more realistic. Watching this show, you develop a compassion for the characters and actually start to root for Coach Taylor and his boys.

The fourth season actually premiered a few weeks ago but you can get caught up on Hulu.com and all three seasons are on Netflix for streaming online viewing.

Why watch? Hot men. In football pads. And the cast is genuinely talented. (And I know the show recently outed an assistant coach, but since he doesn’t yet have an actual storyline, he doesn’t count IMHO.)

Eye Candy: Former model Taylor Kitsch, Michael B. Johnson and his adorable smile, Matt Lauria and the Emmy Award deserving Zach Gilford.

Rating: 5 summer lifeguards

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