“Emmerdale” Video Update: Good News, Bad News

We start where we left off, with everyone dealing with the
news that Jackson might be paralyzed from the neck
down for the rest of his life…

Watching Emmerdale, especially during a really
sad storyline like this puts me of two minds. First, I’m glad there’s a show
that is consistently putting out brilliantly written and beautifully acted
soapy drama and having their gay characters right in the middle of the action, without
a whiff of homophobia hanging in the air. Unlike, say, As The World Turns, I know this show isn’t crippling Jackson in order to avoid
their gay characters having sex.

But second, it makes me angry that we have to look at other
countries to get that. And what’s really annoying is that it’s uncertain any U.S. daytime
soap will ever give us another Luke Snyder or Reid Oliver or Kyle Lewis
or Oliver Fish.

Yet that makes me grateful to have access to foreign soaps.
Emmerdale in particular, even though
right now the show is breaking my heart.

Emmerdale writers really know how to draw upon your emotions and pull at the
heartstrings. The Aaron/Jackson
scenes were powerful stuff as everyone struggled to deal with the terrible news.
I liked how Hazel and Aaron banded
together when it came to telling Jackson,
though neither of them seemed to have the courage to tell him themselves. And I
had a bit of sympathy for Jerry as
he cried in Jackson’s room even though you knew
that in that moment he was saying goodbye to Jackson – even before he told Hazel he was leaving.

But Marc Silcock
really shined in those scenes, starting from the moment he asked when they were
going home. Though he only had his face and voice to work with, there was no
way to miss how devastated Jackson
was to have learned this news. He was brilliant.

Good riddance, but
you’ll probably be back when we least need you….

As sad and downbeat as this story may be, the writing and
acting is exceptional, and you just can’t turn away. However, I do have a
slight concern that the show might indulge too much in the bleakness,
especially since we know it’s going to be a long-running story. Let’s hope
there’s some lighter moments and some happier times along the way. Though those
probably aren’t on the near horizon.

Those are my thgoughts. I’d love to hear how you felt about
the episode. Please leave your comments below.

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